Custom cabinets- spice rack pull outs
October 23, 2013 in Design Dilemma
What is the general cost of these cabinets per unit? I understand pricing may vary across region, brands and materials used (e.g. wood types and finishes) but I wanted a general understanding.

Our designer quoted 1500 for each out pull cabinet and we wanted two flanking the sides of the oven. This seems excessively high. I guess my other questions is whether its worth paying the price for the function they offer.

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G-Town Tex
$1500 is outrageous!
We're custom building, with a cabinet maker for our custom kitchen, and were quoted $900+ (which also outrageous!)
Are you set on having the spice racks?
Several people advised us against them for a bunch of reasons, not least being that they restrict the size of the spice/herb jars you can use, and more so because the jars tend to topple every time the unit is pulled out!
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Judy M
I can't comment on price, but I like ours. True, extra fat jars don't fit, but most spices do and mine do not topple over.
Very convenient location for us.
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Think how many jars you could throw away after one use before you got to the price you are considering paying to store them.
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I hear you G-Town and Studio. It feels like robbery but its the only "custom" cabinet that I'm thinking of springing for (this doesn't include the trash/recycle cabinet). I can't argue with the price since we're set on the manufacturer but man, it's painful to even consider.
October 23, 2013 at 4:55pm     
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that quote seems really high.

I have 3 spice pull outs - 2 flanking my cooktop, one for spices and one for oils/vinegars, and 1 in my baking area for baking supplies. I love them, and do not find that things topple over (except for maybe little extract bottles). My cabinet maker didn't break out their price in my quote, but I seriously doubt that I paid 3 x $1500 = $4500 for those cabinets. My "average" cabinet price was about $900 - $1000, and I always assumed that those little spice pull outs were below the average.
October 23, 2013 at 5:11pm     
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Nicholaix Nukemall
OMG! I made mine for about $50 and a weekend and customized it to for the jelly and mason jars I fit my bulk spices in. I am a middle aged mom and have very limited woodworking skills or tools but was completely floored by this question and had to comment.

Could you have a carpenter make you a couple custom storage racks not as part of your cabinetry package? They are insanely easy and you could get an even more custom fit to your needs instead of just what most people want.... With the choices in finishing materials you could get a very close match to your existing cabinetry as well as a style that could fit very nicely with your design plan. It should cost half what they are quoting you as part of your design plan.

Waiting until after your design is 'finished' may help you to see where your real organizational issues may be and you may decide the spice racks aren't worth it anyway. Organizational addons are very easy to add after if you really want them.
October 23, 2013 at 5:49pm   
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JandB Kitchen Designs
A quick note about our experience: Brigitte and I consistently design between 70-90 kitchens/year (for over 34 years) and have designed thousands of kitchens.....We also design full structural including below-grade foundation plans.....We have 2 Chicagoland locations and a Michigan location which cover the Wisconsin to Indiana borders, N.W. Indiana and S.W. Michigan.....Anyway, a lot depends on how wide you want the pull-outs to be.....Here are a couple kitchens we've done to give you an idea.....These are 3" and 6" fillers with a spice filler option.....Most mfr.'s offer this accessory and it's usually around $300.00 list.....On the other hand take a look at Rev-A-Shelf and you'll see numerous spice pull-out units that are made to go into existing cabinetry.....Even for a full 12" cabinet w/pull-out from the factory that $1500 is high.....Hope this helps a bit.....John & Brigitte
October 24, 2013 at 9:25am     
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what did you decide to do jenny? ... spice pull out or no spice pull out?
October 29, 2013 at 5:04pm      Thanked by torreyhills
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Hi Brenda, sorry for the late response. I took a break thinking (obsessing) over the kitchen since we are having hang-ups over a wall removal (another post, another story). I decided to just bite the bullet and go with the special pull out racks.

Thank you for providing photos! May I ask you a question about your cabinets? Are the widths (the front cabinet face) the same in the oil pull out and the spice pull out? My designer is telling me I can put two spice pulls outs and just use one for oil. He said the height in the top row of the spice pull out is adjustable so I can put taller oils there instead of spice. This doesn't sound right. I imagine a spice pull out is far narrower so that the spices don't fall over as opposed to oils which are about the width of a can. I'm thinking I'll need a "pantry" pull out and a spice pull out. Your thoughts?
November 3, 2013 at 9:55am     
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All three of my "spice" pull outs are 6". For the oil cabinet I removed 2 of the shelves that came with the unit. There is a height adjustment hole about every half inch. I think this size works great for spices and oils -- I do wish that my baking supply pull out was larger so that my canisters could fit in there (maybe 9" wide).
November 3, 2013 at 2:03pm   
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