Need help with updating brick mantel
KarenPhil Bandstra
October 25, 2013
I would love to tear all this brick out and have more seating area in my living room however the free standing gas stove is needed here in our northern climate winters. Please give me any feedback and ideas you may have. We used to have a more country style home 20years ago but have been slowly making it more contemporary which is difficult to do when we have so much wood everywhere.
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Cancork Floor Inc.
Do you use it for heat? Normally gas stoves/fireplaces are considered rather inefficient by todays standards. Is there another heat source for this area? Baseboard heaters? Forced air? The carpet tells me that the floors are cold. A more efficient heat source together with better insulated flooring (I won't mention is one of the best insulators the building industry has come up with...but I won't mention it) could allow you to take down the stove and move to something more modern. The cost of heating/gas is going to climb this winter so your set up will eventually eat its replacement costs in only a few years.

Updates can be all about efficiency as well. Two birds - one stone.
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KarenPhil Bandstra
We live in northern BC so yes, we do need it for heat. It is not our primary source of heat.
What I am asking is some help with refacing it our input of how to make this space look more contemporary. We plan to replace the carpet soon but with carpet again since it is very effective for absorbing noise, sorry, no cork. :) Thank you for your input though.
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Keep the brick replace the railing with a more modern one. Don't compromise you're taste though.
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What about this sort of style?

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Those stoves are so nice to have...but yes, not the prettiest. What about painting the brick a dark gray, like this?

Dark brick will definitely give the contemporary feeling your looking for. Also, two big bonuses would be that it will help the stove fade into the background and be less noticeable, and the dark won't get stained from soot!
bay house
Danville Remodel
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Oh, and painting the gold trim on the door would help update it a little and again, make the whole stove less noticeable. I'd go with black or dark gray.
You can get high heat paint meant for grills.
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Ha, one more thing, then I'm done. :)

Another thing that will update the space would be replacing all the decorative items with one piece of art where your tree photo is (nothing on the mantle) and just one piece on the hearth.

Maybe a plant and planter with cleaner lines?

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Replace the wooden chair with a small, wire modern chair ... add a piece of art you like .. pull colors from the art in a pillow to add to the chair.
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