Please help me make this more of a craftsman style house
October 26, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We're about to paint the exterior of the house, and I'm just horrible at picking colors. I know what I like when I see it, but when I'm standing at the color cards I just freeze. I would love for our house to have more of a craftsman appearance. I'm debating getting rid of the shutters entirely, as well as the lattice work. But what to do in place of the lattice? Anything at all? We're about to spend a huge amount on re-siding the back and tear down and rebuild of our old deck, so we don't have too much to work with. I'd love any input you have - especially color ideas... Thank you!
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I like the shutters but I think they should be painted a more contrasting color. I would paint the lattice the same color as the porch and body of house to not draw attention to it. I think if you go to a paint companies historic collections you should be able to find colors that go well together
. very pretty home! You could also just paint the shutters and lattice if the rest of the paint is in good condition. that would save money.
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Someone's in the Kitchen, Inc.
Hello Mell... With your craftsman-style goal in mind, but not knowing waht all of your materials are, a few ideas to consider:

Yes, shutters gone. (you could always add them back later, if you miss them.)

As much as possible, woodwork-trim darker than wall color, rather than lighter.

If possible, remove mullions from the bottom sash on your windows.

If workable, move your lower lattice back under your porch line a bit - and it paint dark, to disappear. You want your porch floor line to be strong.

Paint your high-center octagonal vent to blend in - to let your eye go to the porch.

Nice house! Hope you enjoy it! Mark
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I like the shutters. I would paint the lattice the same as the house. I would also paint the door an accent color-like red. Let is stand out a bit under the porch. Take pictures of what you like in magazines and bring them to the paint store, They should be able to help you. Also, you might try driving around your neighborhood if there are similar houses and note what you like and don't like. That helped me figure out what i wanted and i am so happy.
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Here is a view of your house, without shutters, and with a Craftsman-style portico, plus some trim work:
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Finetta Batista P
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Thank you all so much for your great ideas and tips. I think the ideas for painting the lattice and moving it back are wonderful, as the porch definitely needs to have a stronger appearance. I am still debating getting rid of the shutters, and if we don't do that, at least replacing them with more of a craftsman style. I wish we could get rid of the mullions, but they're built into the window :( I think picking better colors will certainly help, as will painting the octogonal vent at the top of the house. Really, thank you all so very much! And sstarr, I definitely have plans to add stone to the front! The only trouble is, that would make this house muuuch nicer than the rest in the neighborhood, and I know my husband is concerned about pricing us out of the rest of the homes. Decisions, decisions...
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John McLean, Architect
My sense is that you may be trying to make the house something it is not, namely, a craftsman period home. The building forms, proportions, and finish materials of your house are substantially different, and I question whether it is a wise financial investment to change the house as significantly as might be needed to get the look you desire.

The areas of the house that seem to be most distracting architecturally are the large blank wall area above the garage doors and the position of the octagonal vent above the windows (too high, although perhaps appropriate given your attic height. If you change the shutter color, attention may be directed to the shutters first.

I do think your home would benefit from landscape changes to the front yard so that views of the house from the street are softened and made more interesting by a few well-positioned trees, hedges, or shrubbery.
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John, thank you very much for your honest feedback. Please forgive my lack of knowledge - is this a colonial style house? Without doing major renovations, aside from (much much needed landscape), do you have other suggestions on what we might be able to do to make it more pleasing, in general, for the type of house that it is?

To your point, I don't think that we're able to move the octagonal vent - I think the suggestion of painting it the house color would be good? Any suggestions on the shutters? I don't know what we could do with the area above the garage? I guess I just feel stuck. Or just uncreative. Painting the house is costly, and I already picked these lousy colors, and I'm scared to make a poor decision again.
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Why don't you change the color of the garage, shutters, and trim and do some landscape changes as John suggested? You may end up being pleased without going to the time/expense of painting the entire house.
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A faux vent above garage doors. Paint lattice and deck the same color. Keep the shutters. Pick neutrals you like and a pop of color on door. Maybe coordinating house numbers on garage?
Another thought is lantern above garage doors and coordinating one next to front door.
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I agree with John on not trying to reinvent the wheel and change the complete style of the home. The white needs to be tones down. I would replace lattice with the square openings, not diamond, then paint a few shades darker than house color and plant more shrubs there as well. Then pain the trim and garage doors a more gray beige, in a historical color such as Ben Moore HC Elmira White HC 84 Then I would paint the front door a color often seen in craftsman style, a muted historical green, such as Ben Moore HC-113 Louisberg Green. Best of luck to you! Great house!
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John McLean, Architect
If I were to describe the style of your house, I might use the words "American suburban." It is an amalgam of architectural components that are not necessarily related to your particular site or climate, but that were borrowed by the builder from houses seen elsewhere because they thought they were appealing to future buyers.

Aside from thoughtful landscaping changes, I would suggest the shutters be retained rather than removed because they provide a level of architectural detail that enhances the appearance of the house. As to painting them, one thing I might try is test paint the perimeter and the center horizontal band of ONE shutter the general color of the roofing to try to tie things together a bit more and give the shutters more interest without having them stand out too much. Other than the white trim, I think your house will look best with subtle color changes in other areas rather than strong ones. Again, the new landscaping will provide contrasting colors, textures, and shapes that likely can substantially improve the appearance of the property.

I would retain the lattice and keep it white to balance the amount of white against the dark colors elsewhere. (You could paint it a contrasting color if desired as long as it is framed in white trim. Adding trim or to form an accent area above the garage doors would help break up the large blank wall area. Finally, you might be able to paint the window frame or a portion of the trim around the windows with a contrasting color band to add a little interest if the trim profile provides a place to do this, but I would test this idea first before going forward with a decision.
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Timberlane Shutters
Since you are leaning towards a craftsman style, we would recommend replacing your current louvered shutters with Board and Batten style shutters.You will find that they provide a more rustic feel to homes.
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A Crew of Two
Removing the shutters and the lattice will go a long way to updating your exterior. Remove the existing steps and making them wider. Then changing the bump out siding over the porch- to stone or a shake style siding to create interest. What about painting your home a soft green with cream trim? Custom Architecture Mill Valley Classic Cottage 2001 Showcase Salisbury Green, Benjamin Moore Linen White 912 by Benjamin Moore
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