Difficult room to arrange & my back is tired from dragging furniture!

smhillOctober 27, 2013
I would appreciate help with the arrangement of this room so much! It has proven difficult. I am not a designer by any means. I would love for it to be attractive, but it has to be functional. It was originally a dining room that we enclosed to make a 4th bedroom.

The dimensions are 12x12. There is a 6'6" window centered on the exterior wall, the door is on the opposite wall, and a 5' closet on an adjacent wall.

I have an antique full bed that is 58" wide. I am pretty open as long as the bed stays and I have storage and a work space. I could put the following items in here: 36" desk, 61" dresser, 2 bookshelves (36" wide), storage cabinet (4'x1.9'x5'), or put in a wall unit that is 82" long, 78" tall, and 21" deep, use it as a desk (won't be real comfortable) and storage, and add some seating.

I have attached photos (I apologize for the messy room!) I tried the bed in a couple of different places, but the closet kept getting in the way. Truly, any advice you can give would be so appreciated!
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Amy Cali
Hi smhill. How deep is your desk? Where and what type closet door(s)?
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The desk is less than 20" deep. I am attaching an additional image so you can see where the closet and nook are. Thank you for taking a look!
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Right now the bed is centered. That just doesn't work. I wanted to put that dresser (that you can almost see in the image above) in the closet, but it is just a teenie bit too long. I could get it in, but I might not be able to get it back out!

I tried catty-cornering the bed in the nook and the dresser on the opposite wall, but that didn't work either. There was no room for the desk or any other storage. The bed did look awesome there though!

I am a photographer, so I need to be able to keep all of my equipment in here and have my office space here also.
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Here is a better layout of the room.
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How about putting your bed on the big windowless wall, then flank the bed with your bookcases. I'd drill holes in the back of your bookcase so you can have lamps at your beside (you can get gooseneck lamps so you can position for reading. Then, the desk in the niche by the closet and the dresser under the window. You could hang a flat screen tv above the desk then will also have space for your computer.
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Or, you could hang lamps like this on your bookcases..
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I love how it looks. I ran the numbers. There is not enough room between the bed and the dresser to access the drawers on the dresser.
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I moved the bed to the opposite corner. Pictures are attached.
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If you don't have Moving Men furniture sliders, you can cut the bottoms off of plastic milk and juice jugs to serve the purpose. Try centering the bed flanked by the two bookcases. That takes almost 11 feet of the 12' wall. Put the storage cabinet in the nook and the 61"dresser under the 78 " window. This leaves the desk out, so I'd consider eliminating the desk and storage unit and devising a built in storage and desk in the nook going all the way to the ceiling. if you don't, I'm not sure you can achieve much in the way of both function and beauty in such a small space. These examples are for kitchen nooks, but you could plan for your exact needs as a photographer.
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I completely agree with Darcy. This is where the bed belongs and I love the pictures of the bed encased by the bookshelves. If you're having trouble with placing the dresser and desk, you may have to decide on just having one. I couldn't tell where the dresser was when you couldn't open the drawers.
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The left side of the bed is 37" from the wall.
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The dresser is 19.5" deep. It isn't enough space for me to get my chunky butt through there. As much as I would like to have the balance of the bookcases, unless I put the bed in the center of the window and flank it with the bookcases I won't be able to do it. Then I can't put the desk in here because the chair hits the bed.
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The way your room is currently laid out, what about placing your bed on the wall next to the closet. That should give you around 13" on each side of the bed where you can position some small shelves that mount to the wall that you could use to place small reading lamps on. I would suggest removing the closet doors for now and using a beautiful curtain instead so that you don't need to utilize the space that is needed when you open the closet doors--this will free up the wall to the left if you were standing facing the closet. (you can always put the doors back if you move). You could then use that wall space for a smaller dresser or possibly a tall dresser rather than the current dresser you have (use as much vertical space rather than horizontal space). You could then also purchase some inexpensive things to organize your closet so that you maximize that space as well. Be creative in finding things to use as organizers (saves money) and get the most out of your space! On the far wall you could put two small curved chairs that swivel on each side of a small table that you could place in the corner or one larger cozy chair and a small table for reading, etc. You can also utilize a sofa table along that back wall as a desk with a streamlined desk chair. Sofa tables are the perfect size table for a laptop, and gives you pleanty of room to set files or a book and a lamp on it. I have a glass top one with siver legs and it works really well and doesn't take up alot of space. You could always place a small file cabinet and a small two drawer cabinet under the sofa table on each end for storage. Use your walls to mount shelves for storage in place of the book shelves. You have plenty of wall space.

You could always tear down the closet and move it to the other side of the room so that you could utilize the entire wall that the closet is on now. I think that would give better wall space for better furniture placement. I know that isn't always as easy as it sounds! Not sure if this helped but good luck! ;0)
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Here is what I ended up doing: I centered the bed on the opposite wall from the nook, placed the small desk to the left of the bed, and a bedside table on the right. I put one bookshelf on the wall with the door and kept the dresser in the nook. In the closet, I put a small dresser for additional equipment storage.

Thank you all so much for your help! I was really out of my depth with this...actually I am always out of my depth with decorating. :)
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