lkittyOctober 27, 2013

In this space, I wanted to get a desk/built-ins across the whole wall, but the double doors opening into the room take away some of the space I would have used for the built-in cabinet. I doesn't have that built-in look that I hoped for. What can I do to give this a more custom look, and what do you suggest for balance on that wall? I use the desk for work, have two monitors I used for work, and want to mount a TV on the wall. Should I center the TV.

Behind the couch, is the artwork too large for the space? I have other places for that piece also.

I also need a light fixture/ceiling fan; what style, how do I determine the size?
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another view of same room
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Claudette Davidson
Some ideas:
The desk looks really good, you just need something above it. You could get a TV cabinet to give heights to the desk area. You don't have to center it on the wall if you build a cabinet with two large cubbies, one for your monitors and the other for the TV. (image attached)
As for your art work it is not to big for the space, but remember to balance it the other items in the area. You don't want a crowded corner and then long expanses of nothing. Ceiling fans come in all styles and sizes. Find one that matches your style may take some hunting but you will find one. I'd go with something more modern, see if you can't find something in black. The size depends on the rooms dimensions and the style. Some fans, for living rooms and bedrooms can be larger, up to more than 50 inches. If it's a big space than a large fan won't look overwhelming, but getting one that is to small may look worse. Fans with lights are useful but remember your decor, there is really only two kinds of lights, the single globe and the multi-globe. One produces more light, but you can also see the light bulbs, though that model is easier to change a burnt bulb. If your fan is not where you'd like it you can get an electrician to move the junction box, or just use the current location. A Fan with light has the added benefit of air circulation versus just a light fixture. While the latter can be more stylish, ceiling fans can cool off the space without having to turn on the air conditioning.
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Claudette Davidson
I did have an idea about your space, you said that the doors open blocking some of the usable space... You could see if you could reverse the doors swing. This may involve some work on the door jam and changing the position of the hinges, but if it was doable, you'd not have to worry about the lost space.
I hope these ideas were helpful, if a bit long winded. Good luck on you project!
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Wow, that's a great look. The door to the room swings in and I might not be able to put shelves on the right side of the cabinet, unless those shelves can be maybe 12 inches deep?? wondering how that would look. And where could I find such shelves, or would they have to be custom built?
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Must have written this at the same time lol, good idea... will have to think that over. I guess if this option had occurred to me or if I had done this sooner, I could have had the unit built out across the whole wall!
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The two book cases on the other side of the room are Ikea. But do they come in the right sizes to do what is shown on your sketch? And can they give a custom look?
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