wall oven & range? Or combo?
October 28, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I'm desiging a 15 1/2' wall and was originally going to just put a 36'' range top on it with a nice mantle. it's the focal point, and put the wall oven(s) on another wall. Now I am wondering if I should do a 48'' range/oven combo instead? I know I'll lose my upper cabinets on that wall, but I'd gain some back instead of the wall oven. What are the pros/cons I should be looking for? help!!
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I guess I've never understood wall ovens. I've never had one and don't understand their purpose. I have a Viking oven, with gas burners, and that's it. It seems to do all I need. What does a wall oven do that a regular oven won't do? Unless someone is cooking for multitudes, and the extra oven is needed-- I'm confused as to the purpose. I'd rather have upper cabinets, I guess. Of course, I've never owned a microwave, either-- though I get the purpose of that more than I do a wall oven that is secondary to the main oven. ??
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To a degree, it depends on what kind of cooking you do. In redesigning my kitchen, we went from cooktop and double ovens to range because we do lots of searing then roasting, and I found having to carry a hot pan over to the oven difficult and potentially dangerous (kids running through). By having the oven below the cooktop, I don't have the distance concern, and also have the advantage of the hood above taking up roasting smells.

Also, if you go from 36" to 48", it's only a matter of 12" less space for upper cabinets, while gaining 30+ on the other wall.

On the other hand, I tend to put microwaves near refrigerators, and if you're doing a combo, creating a "tall" wall can also function well.

I'd say think about how you will use the space, how much walking you'll be doing and whether you need to account for 2 cooks.

Good luck!
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the wall oven is instead of the oven under the range. So the wall oven is the "main" and only oven. A primary benefit is not needing to bend down and get something hot out of the oven.
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mhidayet: Oh, I see-- the wall oven will be the main oven, not 'in addition to.' I get it; thanks. Well, unless you're really old and/or have issues where you cannot bend down (arthritis?)-- I'd say you have to keep moving to-- you know-- keep moving. The more bending down you do, the better. :) When you start not taking stairs or not wanting to bend down to get something out of an oven, then that can quickly become a slippery slope-- the beginning of the end. Just kidding (well, only sort of).
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I'm all for exercise and do so daily, but it's much better for one's back to lift things out of a wall oven than a range oven (I have both and am quite sturdy). I cook a lot with Le Creuset cookware which is very heavy when full. And when you're lifting a heavy pan brimming with juices out of a range oven, you're at greater risk of spills and burns. IMO, the best set up is a cooktop with drawers below for pans and then a double wall oven.
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It's really better for everyone's backs to have a wall oven, but the older you get the more important this is, especially when roasting a turkey. (You have plenty of opportunities to bend over and can always take yoga.) In my experience, one 36 inch is better than two smaller ovens. Placement is important; if the kids will be running through, per annemarie, it will make a difference.
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I get what you're saying. I also cook only with Le Creuset, and have for decades-- never once had a problem lifting things out of the range oven-- and have never been burned. I still think if you've been bending down, moving things all along, with no issues, then it probably won't ever be an issue for you- until maybe you turn 90. I also think it just depends on how balanced and strong you are, but also your height (seriously). I'm not particularly tall, so -- for me-- bending down to get something out of the oven, even if heavy, is far safer, I feel, than for me to reach up to get something hot out of an oven where I have to stand on tip-toes to maneuver-- and can't even see what I'm reaching for until I pull it out of the oven and bring it to eye level. I suppose you can custom build-in the wall ovens to the proper height for you, but the generic ones I've seen in showrooms seem really high on the wall. Finally, I do not believe categorically that "it's really better for everyone's backs to have a wall oven . . . " That sounds like people who tell you to stop running because it's bad for your knees. There are an awful lot of myths out there. So I'm gonna just keep running and bending over the stove. :)

Anyway-- if you like wall ovens, have the space-- and don't mind losing potential space for a wall oven-- and you also think they're safer, go for it.
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Instead of having wall double ovens in a tall cabinet, you could have a microwave and wall oven. My rental house has it and I love it because of no bending down.
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Forgot something....

With tall cabinet, you will have more space under the stovetop for your pans and pots. Plus you don't really lose the spaces because it has spaces above and below the wall oven and microwave. Only difference is that less counter space, 30".
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