Is hand-scraped hardwood a fad or here to stay?

lopipopiOctober 28, 2013
Hand-scraped hardwood is being marketed as an option to hide the abuse of kids and pets (and messy spouses). But, will we look at it in 5 or 10 years and say ugh?
It's a fad. I wouldn't use it in my home. Kitchen
Hand-scraped is timeless. Love it. San Jose Res 2
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While I prefer smooth floors and feel they are more timeless, that doesn't necessarily mean that hand scraped floors are doomed to obsolescence. They offer a more rustic look and are more forgiving of abuse from pets and children, which will always be useful. OTOH, they don't refinish as easily because you have to sand down into the grooves to get to an even plane for refinishing.
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Emily Hurley
I really like the look of hand scraped floors. I'm not sure if they are timeless, but with an active family, it might be a great tradeoff. I figure by the time they would be out of style, I'd have to redo my smooth floors anyway due to the wear of kids, pets, etc.
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Looks like it's a pretty even split. Thanks for the input.
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Select Hardwood Floor Co.
In all honesty... the hand-scraped look is definitely a "fad"...
But it seems to be one that's lasted as long as I've been in the business, which is 37 years & counting.
What many folks don't bear in mind is that a "hand-scraped" or distressed style finish can be accomplished in more refined levels as well as the "cabin grade rustic" look too many people associate it with.
For example... we offer a wide variety of styles that range from very light (subtle) to so "rustic" only bean bag chairs will work as furnishings... (lol)
Obviously... the heavily distressed styles are more likely to seem "dated".
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Thanks for the comment. I think we're going to go with a hand-scraped that is on the subtle end.

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Select Hardwood Floor Co.

I think that's a "safe bet"...
believe it or not, we were the first ones to initiate the "light hand-scraped" concept... back when everyone else was using the hand-scraping to camouflage the use of poor quality lumber.
It was my theory that distressed finished flooring didn't have to look like it was pulled out of the barn... and since then, the "subtle" more refined approach has found a place in formal & even contemporary d├ęcor.
The idea is to make the product more user friendly & livable without sacrificing any class...
Let us know if you have any difficulty finding what you need.
That's our business... CUSTOM flooring produced to specification.
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Oak & Broad
Although we offer hand scraped I try to make sure clients know it is probably a fad and will not be as easily refinished as regular flat flooring. There are so many ways to get a great look w/o the hand scraped look.
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I love hand scaped and I don't worry about refinishing. After years of having hand scraped, they still look as good as the day they were installed. That's the beauty of handscraped, they hide every ding. I seriously doubt that mine will ever need refinishing and how great is that to avoid that mess.
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Maddy Montemayor
I love the hand scraped! To me it makes the wood look more "real" I would hate to spend so much money on hardwood floors and people think they are laminate.
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Ann - What color (dark or light) and species did you use?

Maddy - I know what you mean - some of the real wood floor samples I've seen look like plastic! On the other hand, at my son's school they recently ripped out the traditional polished maple floors and put in a textured-ish laminate. Even though the old floor had no texture and the new one does, you can definitely tell that the new one is the fake. What a shame, I loved the old floors.
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We put handscraped floors in our kitchen - the finish was called "Moroccan walnut" - it's a medium tone with some variation and a little redness to it. We put it in a modern white kitchen to add some texture and warmth. I like the look although to be honest it started off as a mistake on my part as I had not meant to order something textured. But once it came everyone liked it so we had it installed. If you love the look, I would go for it. However, for me personally, it probably would not be my choice again.
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Vera Matson
We're about to put in a hand scraped floor in our house. I'm from NC where I'm used to solid hardwood floors being finished on site. Now I live in TX and all the houses here are on concrete slab and it's crazy humid here. What I'd pick here in TX is different from what I'd pick in NC. In NC, I'd go solid, stained on site for sure. The architecture is much more traditional there. In TX, it's a much more eclectic style of architecture, and frankly, anything goes. I had a hard time with that for a while. People here love their hand scraped floors, so that's what we're getting. I've picked a floor that is hickory, made by LM flooring and it is not that artificial, shiny finish that I personally do not prefer, but again, different strokes for different folks. We're getting a mid-tone, warm color. Not too dark. My decor style is traditional with a slight bit of French Country. My vote is to take into consideration your region, resale (if applicable to you) and what type of subfloor you're on and what style of architecture you have.
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MS Colours Inc
Artisan quality hand scraped floors are a work of art and will stand the test of time. The copies and mass produced floors sold at the big box will go by the wayside just like all the other mass produced products that are copies of the real artisan produced product.
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ProSource Wholesale Floorcovering
It's a matter of taste I also live In Texas and if you look at Anderson hardwood floors and also LM you'll find everything from smooth distressed in matte finish to down right scraped you can just about create any look with a hand scraped wood floor from contemporary which lends a rich and earthy contrast that compliments the clean and smooth of the contemporary to a country look which fits well with eclectic and rustic styles ...handscraped is versatile most importantly very forgiving. I would look at hickory as the hardness ratings are good and the products are affordable. Find a ProSource near you and tell them a rep in San Antonio sent you. We have the best deals and they can connect you with an installation Pro in your area also check out Angie's list. Good luck!
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Select Hardwood Floor Co.
@MS Colours Inc...
You're comment (2 replies above) is absolutely correct (IMHO).
When ANYTHING is custom made... it has the personalized "signature" of the individual it was provided FOR (and by, for that matter). This makes it a limited edition, and adds value and desirability.
ANYTHING mass-produced has a "planned obsolescence" quality, as well as the fact that, when everyone can GET it, they do... and the end result is market saturation, and the general buying public moves on to the NEXT shiny object... but only until everyone on the block has obtained IT as well.
However, as I mentioned earlier in this thread... we've been producing a WIDE variety of hand-scraped as well as other "distressed" style floors for close to 38 years... and they were available before I got started. The concept has withstood the test of time in my viewpoint.
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