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October 28, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Insulation for Green Building
Everyone knows the rolls of pink insulation, made popular by a certain big cat, but there's a wide variety of green options out there, too. Proper insulation is one of the big keys to a green home, so, even though you don't see it every day, it's important to carefully consider the material that keeps heat in, and the cold out (and the other way around). Sure, the pink stuff is an option, but green materials as diverse as recycled denim and bio-based spray foam will do the job, too; read the Green Materials Guide for Building Insulation to learn about all the green materials to choose from.

Options for Green Windows
There are many different kinds of windows. Each operates in a different way, and each can serve a different function. All factors have an impact on how green your home is, and there are a lot of materials to consider to determine how green your windows are. From aluminum to vinyl to wood, casement to hopper to double hung (not to mention glazing and screening options), we've got all the window choices and materials covered. Read the to get started.

Green Flooring for your Home
Just because your flooring is underfoot doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to what materials are there, and which green material choices are best for any given flooring situation. Whether you need flooring for high traffic areas, a modular option that can be partially replaced, or something that'll wear beautifully for the life of your home, there's a green flooring option out there, from bamboo to hardwood, cork to linoleum, carpet tiles to rammed earth. Read our Green Materials Guide for Flooring for the full story.

Green Kitchen Design Materials
Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so it follows that a lot of time, energy, and money gets spent on just that one room. A green kitchen goes from floor to ceiling -- and the countertops and cabinets in between -- and there's a lot to think about. You need it to be functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, so check out the Green Materials Guide for Kitchen Design to learn how to marry all your needs with the best in green materials.

Bathroom Designs with Green Materials
Though bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the house, there is no shortage of design decisions to make to maximize function, beauty, and sustainability. From the best bets for water conservation to the materials designed to stand up to the daily moisture exposure, all the info you need is in the Green Materials Guide for Bathrooms.

Green Wall Coverings
Deciding what goes on your walls can seem like an easy decision -- solids vs. patterns, paint vs. wallpaper -- but it can have a lot to do with the environmental health in your home. Green is much more than a paint color when it comes to wall coverings, but you'll want to pick the right material for the right room, considering how long you want it to stay the same, and how it'll wear over time. There's a lot to think about
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One can always find ways to incorporate 'green' elements in their lives, not just through design.
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JudyG Designs
Our town does not have trash pick-up and we are meticulous recyclers.

For quick pick ups I love these compostable wipes.
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MS Colours Inc
One must weigh the foot print and longevity of the product to decide if it is truly green.
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