Please help- bed and bathroom all in one room
October 29, 2013
Hi There,
My bedroom and bathroom is all in one- the toilet is in a separate alcove with a door.
The sliding door opens onto a small balcony. The cupboards are built in opposite the basins.
The room is carpeted and the bathroom area tiled.

How can I structure the room/place the furniture to make the best use of space?
I can get all new furniture and if it invloves any additions I am happy to do that too.

Also is there anyway I can make the bathroom more "private".

Thanks very much for your help
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Kim D
Can you reorient the room, so the bed is not facing the bath, the head of the bed is facing the wall with the large hanging. If that works you could consider building a tall wall there with scones and room to go in the bath on either side of the bed. Like a floating wall that anchors the bed in the opposite direction.
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Thanks that is a great idea!
Should the wall reach the ceiling?
Do you no think it will make the room look to small?

Thanks so much for your help.

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Tyler Cook
ok i just typed like 2 paragraphs but changed my mind you don't need a wall that's what i was going to say but take a look at the attached pic. There like room dividers the site i got that pic from was in my opinion thats a really good idea.. instead of having a contractor coming in and building a wall... unless money is no object then have a wall built :p your choice.
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The Welcome Home: Interior Design Solutions
Instead of a solid wall, you could use translucent/opaque plexiglass panels in wood frames. It would give you a physical barrier but won;t limit the natural light in both spaces. You can either place your bed against it or leave it where it is. Here is one manufacturer
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Rocky Mountain Color & Design
The only other suggestion I can think of is to suspend a rod from the ceiling and use the same drapes that you have on the door as a "soft" room divider. I would start them behind the chair at the edge of the bookcase and either do one panel that can be pushed to the side.
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Rocky Mountain Color & Design
An example of a suspended curtain rod from Overstock. If you choose this option, be sure to get a rigid suspended rod such as this, as opposed to a wire, so that you drapery does not move when you choose to open it.
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The ikea catalogue from 2011 or 2012 did this, using a curtain like a wall to separate the bedroom from the clothing storage. It hung behind the headboard from ceiling to floor in a velvet teal.
Now Ikea sells more rigid panels that slide on wall or ceiling mounted sliders. They come in different colours and transparencies, and soft patterns. Maybe you don't even need to move your bed!
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Apparently, this configuration isn't totally "unheard-of." Thankfully, the toilet is private. Here's an ideabook for you.

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I don't think there's much of a problem here needing fixing...the spa sort if feel us what you should be going for. The only challenge i see us that the sinks have undue prominence as they are nearer the bed than is the bathing area (usually, one would put the toilet tucked in a far away alcove (with door), the sink next, then bath, then bed). So, I would look to minimize the presence of the sinks.

How? Right now, the contrast in finishes makes it look busy. And raised sinks always draw attention to themselves. I'd rather see a big wood antique dresser, with a stone top, and retrofitted for under mount sink (or sinks). From the bed, it would just look like a dresser, and the wood would be neutral along with the tiles in that area.

Also, it rakes some discipline but one has to make it less bathroom-y by never having toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, makeup, waterpiks and that sort of stuff visible.
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PS If you ARE going to try to block it off with curtain panels or whatever, go big or go home. The shelving unit there now (which I suspect you only put there to make do for the moment) sort of announces that there's something back here you're trying to hide, but it's like too big too hide--so it just begs further attention.
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All great suggestions but I'd hire a carpenter and build a wall; if you need the light from the bathroom, do a 3/4 wall, up to the height of top of bathroom mirrors. I also agree that a dbl vanity with recessed sinks will give you more storage and counter space which it appears you really need.
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Kim D
If you build the floating wall I would not go all the way to the ceiling just at window height. I would move the sinks so that they are on the opposite side of the new floating wall (if plumbing permits). that leave a clear walkway on either side of the bed to access the bath. If floating wall takes up too much space, just connect wall up against the exterior wall and make opening to bath on one side only.
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Thank you so much for all these suggestions! Going to do some serious research and will post some pictures. Thank you really appreciate all your comments.
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We make custom decorative panels in a variety of materials (including metals, recycled aluminum & reclaimed woods) & finishes to suit your space.

You could go with a floating wall concept that consists of several panels bolted to the floor & ceiling & each other, in either a repetitive pattern or an organic design - have attached some examples of recent jobs.

You can find the full range of perforated grille patterns/designs we offer on our website: Grilles

Feel free to stop by our showroom/factory at 42 Second Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 to check out our grille styles in person, we're open Monday - Friday 8am-4pm.

Hopefully we can help you out on your project - thanks for your consideration!

Architectural Grille
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