Need help with window treatments and accesories
November 3, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I am wondering if in the space pictured, it would be o.k. to have plantation shutters on the entry foyer window and long curtains without shutters on the dining room windows? I had a company here to measure for shutters and he said that he thought, I really need to have plantation shutters on all of the windows. Also any idea's on accessories for the dining room and foyer are appreciated.
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You have to consider how it looks from outdoors. On my home, I have raised paneled shutters across the front windows. It is symmetrical and gives uniformity to the front of your home. I have had complete strangers stop and inquire about my shutters. You could use dummy panels on each dining room window for color and pattern, which would also soften the plantation shutters. It does not have to be an either or situation. You can have the best of both worlds in your dining room.
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Do you feel that I need to have the shutters on the entire lower level on that side of the house? I just really didn't want to lose the light in the dining room. The shutter installer also said I could go halfway (cafe style) in the DR.
November 3, 2013 at 12:55pm     
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Marc Russell Interiors
Not having the shutters in the dining room is fine. I like the idea of panels for the dining room window, an opportunity to add some color. Don't really care for the placement of the mirror. No one needs to see them selves enter a room, or watch themselves eat. Swap the art and the mirror, and reflect something pretty, like the outdoors! The chandelier should be 30-34 inches above table. Good luck!
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Lovely dining room! To me, it wants only some fabulous french pleated dupioni silk drapes, lined and interlined so they look substantial, with option to be tied back so they don't block your view, but just frame the window and add softness to the room. Set the table, get creative with centerpiece looks from party books and the room will look very finished. Maybe a nicer pot for the tree and put it on a small stand so it is even taller. As for color of the drapes, ivory/white would be beautiful and just add shimmer and texture, or you could go with the wall yellow too. I think the shutters by the stairs are ok. If you miss them once you have one set there, you can always add them in the DR, but I think you need drapes anyway.

The foyer could use a rug, a darker oriental would be nice. Add a chair and small table, or longer narrow table under stairs if there is room. A painting over the table on the stair wall would finish that nicely.
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Yes, the chandelier is very high, I have been waiting for the electricians to come back and lower it! I also have been looking for a nice pot for my plant that is still in the temporary plastic pot. Would both a table or bench work on the foyer wall, how about a coat tree in the corner by the stairs/window? I also don't know what type of centerpiece for the table or on the sideboard. The chandelier is bronze and the side board urn lamps are a mercury type glass.
November 3, 2013 at 1:14pm   
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Appleton Art Design, LLC
I agree with Marc Russell Interiors. The painting and the mirror should be switched, so that the mirror is opposite the window. If the mirror is too small for that wall, it could be used alternatively in the foyer.
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Whispar Design
I like the suggestion to combine shutters with stationary panels so add some color/texture and soften the wall. I'll try to find a photo showing both but for now herre is onw using stationary panels to get an idea.
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You will not lose the natural light with the shutters, because they filter the light and add privacy at night while dining. If anyone has respiratory difficulties, it is much easier to keep the shutters clean and allergen free. You have lovely taste so I do think it necessary for anyone to be so presumptuous as to give an opinion on that which does not pertain to your question.
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DeCocco Drapes
Plantation shutters will definitely cut lots of light out of your DR. I wouldn't put them anywhere you don't want to lose light. The DR will look finished with the addition of stationary drapery panels flanking the window. Long rod or 2 short rods. Paint the ceiling a different color--choose from a metallic collection that so many paint brands carry now. They make the ceiling glow at night when the chandelier is turned on. Soft drama. When placing any mirror, always consider what it is reflecting. It's best to reflect a view, light, artwork, etc. Something worth repeating. It's a very pretty room!
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