Ugly 60's foyer
November 3, 2013
We have the ugliest foyer and I really don't know what to do with it. Our house is a tri-level and when you come in the front door there is a tiled landing with brick steps up to our living room and brick steps down to our den. There is also a brick planter - ugh. Please help with ideas.
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Is it possible to tile over all of it or carpet?
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Amy Cali
I'd demo the square tile and add hardwood. The brick will look sooo much better with that tile gone.
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Is it possible to make the tile the same color as one of the bricks? I have no suggestions of a product to try, but thought I would throw that idea out there.

Guessing a nice big rug would not fit under the door???
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I would also get rid of the quarry tile and put wood or a better looking tile. If you have the budget I would consider a complete redo but if not how about painting that brick?
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First, you have a beautiful front door. Very nice :) Love the lantern as well. Next, I don't mind the brick. I think the granite looking piece, however, is a bit distracting. If demo is not an option, can you fit a low pile square rug on the landing? Or even cut-to-fit carpet tiles?
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Agree to replace the small square tile with wood floor like your other floor. I too don't mind the brick at all on the steps, But, I would paint the brick wall (ledge wall) the wall color.
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Lydia (Kazza Design)
I actually like the brick stairs - very European! Of course, a simple rug would hide the tile. Painting the brick the same white as the railing is also an option. Budget-permitting you could have some wooden stairs installed (as per picture) and a wooden shelf to cover the top of the planter.
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I like the brick too. Tile is practical at an entry so perhaps just change that small section out.
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Is the granite piece just sitting on top of the planter? I agree with Solincia that this piece looks out of place...if its just resting on top, how about removing it and planting greenery to soften area, then install wood on the "treads only of the stairs...this will tie into your floors.
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The most obvious issue is that the granite piece looks way too "formal/refined" to go with the rest (brick, door, railing) which is a more comfortable/casual style. Maybe replace with a wood shelf to match the hardwood upstairs?
The next thing you could change is the quarry tile - how about some slate, which still plays with the slightly rustic casual tone, and is more durable right off the entrance compared to hardwood?
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Can you distress the brick or perhaps white wash it?
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I also like the brick (and the terracotta tiles); from the comparison below the current setup has far more vitality in it than paint & carpet might get you -- though this is a very crude estimation of what the carpet might look like. Just to help you think through it; it certainly is more streamlined if that's what you're after. I like the idea of wooden treads above, but then I think you would also need to replace the terracotta with wood -- the surfaces are already bitty so adding another surface wouldn't help in that respect. I do think the granite is an uncomfortable companion for the brick, so changing that as suggested above with planting could also help reduce bittiness.
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Darken the front door and wood spindles to a tone equal to the brick colour on the colour wheel. Not the same, but equal. Eg mid aqua, indigo etc. not red. Black or navy ok too.
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