Double wall ovens, with cooktop, or all in one range?
November 4, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I can't decide which to choose! Double wall ovens with a separate cook top, or a big stove/range, like a Viking, with oven & cooktop together. Space in the kitchen is not an issue, I'll design around it. What are the advantages of one over the other?
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Be sure to include a convection in one of your choices. And if space isnt an issue consider a warming tray in the island.
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Yes, got both of those covered. But any suggestions as to the type of oven/stove?
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On a hot day it can get really hot if you are standing at the cooktop stiring something with the oven on also. If this would be a consideration for you maybe split is best.
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I am puzzling over the same question, although budget is an issue for me. I think this is a matter of style. The cooktop is a relatively new development and suited to the modern kitchen therefore. The classic look would be the big stove, and this comes in sleek modern looks as well as the traditional looks, if those matter to you. I had a viking range in my last house that I loved. I had one extra oven under counter. I preferred that to the higher installation of two ovens on the wall. I think this is a visual and "reach" question overall. I don't know about performance of cooktops, never having had one, but I am guessing the new ones are high performance. I am choosing mine by BTU output, which is what I care about. The kitchen designer I used this time just recently has two wall ovens and a cooktop in my new plan, but I am still debating. I think if I was going high end and money wasn't an issue I would get the range I wanted and then worry about an extra oven.
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To a certain extent the location of the cook surface in the plan matters and also the fuel type.

With a gas fuel and a separate cooktop there are two types- cooktop and range top. The rangetop has open burners and lets in more air. This is the premium type of cooking device. This must be vented from above with a serious fan system. This becomes a major visual issue if it is not on a wall. Often with this setup the ovens are placed on the wall but you can put them anywhere.

The ne plus ultra looking (and performing) setup is the gas range with cooking on top. With the bigger models double ovens are available (48-60+ inches). Some manufacturers (especially European) have wonderful colors available. If your layout is such that this is visible it likely will be the prominent focal point (also the hood and back splash design).

Electric (including induction) cooktops are sleek and can be put anywhere. Downdraft venting is not as much of an issue since there is no flame to pull away. But you still need a pop-up fan.

One big advantage of a wall oven is the flexibility of height placement, at least for one oven. (In a single vertical run). For example if the top of oven is at 54 inches then the heavy roaster handles are at a natural, comfortable and safe height. Viewing is also at a convenient height.

However placing the microwave above(safety?) or below is problematic. (Hence drawer models). Double wall runs solve many problems. There are, of course, many other devices that can go in the wall- warming drawers, speed ovens, steam ovens, coffee stations etc.

The space available, style and layout (and budget!) are the biggest factors.

The over the top trophy house type kitchens probably have all of these. But these kitchens can easily be accomplished for under one million dollars.
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Thank you for the suggestions so far. I don't know why I never thought about the height factor. My mother in law is only 4'11 & has to use a step stool to look inside her top wall oven. Being only 5'1 myself, it could also be a problem. She has her cook top (& pop up vent) in the island, but it's dropped down about 6 inches, which is fabulous, because you can see inside a large pot. I like the look of clean & contemporary, which you don't really get from a Viking style, so maybe 2 wall ovens, but install them side by side rather than stacked.
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Wall ovens can be dangerous. In Hansel and Gretel the homeowner got pushed into one.
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I personally like a separate double oven to allow room for multiple cooks in the kitchen and when entertaining.

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