Wood near a gas range
November 7, 2013
We're doing a remodel, putting in a raised bar on the living room side directly behind a 36" gas range. The bar will be topped with wood. Does anyone know how much higher the wood bar should be than the burners for safety? There won't be any overhang on the kitchen/stove side of the bar. Thanks!
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Fred S
Not enough information. It is important that you consult the exact installation instructions for the specific model stove.
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Frank Maresca
Typical vertical clearance to a flammable material above a range 30-36" above the cooking surface. That being said Fred is spot on, check the specification on your gas range.
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Fred S
I think we are talking about something that would be treated like a back wall. Whether it needs a heat shield, tile, or is there a back panel on the cooktop?
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There is no back panel. We'll have a granite backsplash going up to the bottom of the breakfast bar. Wanted to use wood for the bar-part, but wasn't sure if that would need to be 6" higher than the range? 8"? Nothing will be hanging over the range itself. I'll have to check out the specific instructions for the gas range we go with- I didn't think of that. Thanks!
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Frank Maresca
If your range offers a "island trim kit" then you should be just fine. Those trim kits replace the back splash on a range.

Assuming that all works, I would try and achieve a 42" (+/-) finished height on the bar. Otherwise you my be creating a nightmare of finding stools/chairs that are the right height for the bar.
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Fred S
Unless you want to have a hard time finding chairs, the bar top should be 42" off the floor. I am having a hard time picturing no overhang on the stove side looking right. Maybe a bit of granite inlaid into that edge of the bar top?
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Fred S
Beat me to it :)
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