Need kitchen layout advice!! Modern farmhouse.
November 7, 2013 in Design Dilemma
DILEMA: Expand existing kitchen windows OR open up outside wall completely with glass doors to patio? I would like to transform our orange oak 80's extravaganza into a modern farmhouse kitchen. We will also be refreshing our screen porch and patio outside the existing kitchen window. Kitchen + eating area 14 x 23 ft. Live in Minnesota, so bugs and cold part of year, but I love Paris and the idea of looking out to a Paris garden. Need to keep a big kitchen table for our family of 6. THANK YOU!
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R H Kitchen and Bath Ltd
Enlarge the window in both directions if your soffit is non functional ( meaning it does not have any ducting in it). Enlarging the patio door is costlier.
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Thank you R H Kitchen and Bath Ltd. We are contemplating actually adding a patio door where the existing kitchen window is. This would completely change the layout of our kitchen. We are up for a major change. All of the soffits and existing cabinets are going. We will essentially be starting from a blank slate.
November 7, 2013 at 5:14pm   
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Before U knock out everything - If your kitchen is in a good shape - you can just paint it! Look at the very nice transformation done by another member here - mcbroe511, calling his/her post "kitchen makeover". They painted the cabinets off-white/light cream, and created a complete new look! Use the same color as of the piece of furniture that you already have in the kitchen.
Regarding opening the window - this is possible (if there is no constructional impediment), but it will give much less cabinets and storage.
If U have to completely renovate - my preferred layout in this case is:
(1*) 2 lines of kitchen, parallel to the dining table, creating a "light corridor" coming from the new opening to the patio.
Back line - up to the ceiling, with cabinets and appliances (not with fridge).
In the middle of this "back line" you can create an opening - and have another working counter / a place where you leave food that is already cooked, cakes, fruit plate, etc...
Front line - a "semi island" with sink and stove at the kitchen side, and an extended counter-top with "bar stools" at the dining-table side.
If the ceiling supports it - you can add a "top structure" above the "semi island" - made of a metal frame and glass shelves, holding only glassware - to keep the light coming through, and keeping the entire space of the kitchen-ding-living room - transparent.
(2*) Keep the structure of the fridge cabinets as is (including the fridge itself) - just expand it to the end of the wall (at the expense of the "home office" table. Make sure that the fridge doors can open with this new "2 line" structure.
(*3) Move the "home office" desk to where you currently have the chest-draw, and "merge" it with the bill-board you already have. Replace the chair with a stool with wheels that you can "shove" under the desk when not used. This is a weak point - even the stool might block passage.
(*4) Move the white plate-storage furniture to the dining-living-room area - there is no space for it in the kitchen. You can transform it to a "serving bar" for drinks. Also, move the chest-draw "elsewhere". The contents of both pieces of furniture should be moved to the side and back cabinets of the kitchen.
(*5) Put a flat screen TV connected to a laptop on the wall between the two openings.
The laptop can be stored
Good Luck!
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Thank you Michalsb57 for all of your thoughtful suggestions. The example of the painted kitchen does look nice. We are fairly committed to getting rid of our soffits and popcorn ceiling.
November 8, 2013 at 5:20pm   
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