My new balcony is ugly

annetteblightNovember 10, 2013
I have just bought a new duplex and the balcony on the first floor is truly ugly. I want to change it but can't think what I want to do. The neighbours are close, so privacy is an issue - don't want them looking into my bedroom and don't want to look into their yard. I was thinking that aluminium shutters might work - does anyone have any ideas?
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Are there rules? Do you have to have the same as them?
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No, don't need to have the same, although the houses are a mirror image of each other. Obviously though you can see their balcony from our garden and vice versa.
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I think a louvered privacy screen is a good option. I would try to get a color that is close to what you have so that your balcony doesn't stand out from the rest too much.
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Louvred . Another idea: laser cut metal screens are made to standard or custom designs.
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Looks plenty private in the right photo.
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I'd eliminate the solid privacy wall, and put in something that's much more open. You could create privacy by maybe growing something around more open type railings? If you can't plant something in the ground and have it grow upwards, then plant some fast growing, non invasive vine (jasmine-- which is an evergreen where I live?) in a big pot and have it trail through the railings.
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Mark has a great idea, the louvered balcony updates the look. Here is another one with more of a contrast to the base stucco
Carolina St · More Info

Another option is a solid base with the open upper rails. Slightly less privacy
Lake Calhoun Residence · More Info

One more with the slats, similar to the louvered but with less privacy
Del Mar Residence · More Info
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Dar Eckert
The Carolina street or Del Mar are nice.
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