Imitation Calacatta Gold porcelain tile
November 11, 2013
Looking to do my bathroom in imitation Calacutta Gold porcelain tile (I don't want the upkeep of marble), 12 x 24 on the wall, 12 x 12 on the floor. Someone said on Houzz that the matte looks more realistic than the polished. However, where I live (LI) I'm seeing either very realistic-looking polished porcelain OR matte whose texture is so dull and flat that it's so unlike marble. (NOTE: My contractor doesn't want me to have tile shipped in from out of the area. In case there's breakage during shipping or construction, he wants to procure the tiles locally.)

I found one tile store that has very nice 12 x 24 polished porcelain Calacatta Gold (tile is made in Italy; don't know the brand). Though polished, it's not as glossy as some of the others I've seen. The print is very realistic and there are not that many repetitions in a box. I might go with that for the walls. Unfortunately, this doesn't come in a matte finish. The salesperson had a 12 x 12 matte finish in Carerra for the floor, so I'll probably go with that. I have a tub, so I don't have to worry about a shower floor. But nonetheless, I'm worried on slipping on a polished surface, especially getting out of the deep soaking tub. The matte Carerra print has the same color background color, so it does go with the Calacatta print walls. Because of the tub, I have a very small floor area (guessing about 15 square feet). NOW here's the "but." The matte Carerra is so matte as to appear/feel FLAT (both in texture and look).

I guess what I'm asking is this:
• Is there such a thing as a matte porcelain Gold Calacatta tile that resembles the look of HONED marble?
• Has anyone used polished Gold Calacatta (or Carerra) porcelain tile on both their walls and floor? What's been your experience?

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Is there a calacatta mosaic tile in the polished finish that you could use for your floors if that is more realistic? I am not a pro, but I don't necessarily see the matte being much more slip resistant than the polished once it's wet. It's usually a tile with some texture that people are looking for on the floor. Or a polished mosaic would give you that anti slip as well.
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Also you are the one seeing it in person, but as a general matter I probably wouldn't mix carrara with calacatta because carrara is often much more grey and the veining is different.
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I've seen both tiles side by side in person. Both have the same exact background color. Only difference is that the floor tile has thinner, more veiny gray (with no gold). Wall pattern is more dramatic, with both gray and gold. The gray in both seem to be the same color. Yes, I'm considering the mosaic version of the polished. Pics of the porcelain mosaic Calacatta and the 12x12 matte Carerra porcelain below. Note that the floor tile is not as dramatic as this jpeg. It is way more subtle.
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Here's the polished porcelain Gold Calacatta mosaic wall tile.
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