Hall Paint Colours

ems2111November 13, 2013
Hi All,

I was wondering what everybody thought about the colour I should paint my hallway? All suggestions welcomed :) Sorry I couldn't rotate images!
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I actually meant to add that the table lamp will be kept, the sideboard will be painted a different colour for now with the intention to be replaced at a later date, and the knobs on sideboard will be changed to glass.
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Any suggestions for sideboard would also be appreciated :)
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I would do away with that dresser like looking thing, add some sort of bench with a tray for shoes, and a hanging chandelier type light. Definitely need to paint or stain the trim all the same color, I like he white or lighter color....For the walls, I don't like the honey/yellow color, I like the lighter, more muted, natural eggshell color thats already there. White trim also looks nice against that lighter eggshell color..just my 2cents.
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I would paint the doors the same color as the light trim (sort of liek the front door has now), and put the bench at the far wall where the hallway meets the foyer.
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the hall hasn't actually been painted any colour...the yellow tones are old colours from previous owner and the eggshell colour is actually where we have plastered old doors and made various changes :)
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