Need backsplash advice
mfranklin06November 13, 2013
Our kitchen currrently has a 4" quartz backsplash that matches our countertops. I want to have this removed when we have our marble tile backsplash installed so that it will go from the countertops to the bottom of our upper cabinets. There are long stretches of countertop that run along walls and I'm concerned that the existing 4" splash is concealing gaps between the countertop and wall. What can be done to remedy this? I was thinking a pencil edge could be laid along the top of the counter against the wall and the tile sheets could be installed on top of that, but I'm not sure if that would work. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations? Thanks in Advance!
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I would remove the quartz first, since the quartz is glued to the wall some repair will be needed. Then decide how much repair will be needed.
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dclostboy also have the thickness of the sheets you'll be using as the backsplash
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I agree to remove the 4" backsplash. Now look at all the places under the cabinets that don't have a clear stopping place for a backsplash. Like around the windows and at the corner of your pass-thru when the cabinets stop but the wall goes on. This makes a backsplash look weird to me. Think about not adding a backsplash. You can paint any color you like in the BS area. If you use enamel paint it will wipe clean easily.
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If there are gaps you can fill them with white putty. There may not be a very big gap.
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I guess my thinking is if there's a lot of work to be done w/repairs and whatnot we'd rather just leave the existing splash but that the pencil edge could be a quick fix if did take off the 4" splash and had to do something about gaps, but only if that could work.
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