Furnitiure placement and scale for Joan - Part 1

ihearthouzzNovember 13, 2013
I've waited long enough! This reno/update of our small 40 yr-old home was done in 2010 and I still don't have anything permanent by way of furniture. Thankfully I no longer have a blue and pink theme Yes, you are reading this correctly. Hence, the pink bergiere chairs [photo 1]. Are they trash or treasure (if recovered)?
I need major help with furniture placement and furniture scale!
Here is my floor plan [photo 2]. My problem is that I can't relate to floor plans.
Here is the kitchen [photo 3]. Yes, I know the fridge is HUGE, and I'm waiting for it to konk out so that I can replace it with a size more appropriate to the size of the room! Just goes to show my failed attempt at "scale".
Max photos to upload to Houzz is 4--so I'll post 5, 6, 7 and 8 in Part 2 (if that's even possible).
The two built-in's [photos 4 and 5] and fireplace [photos 6 and 7] were part of the reno. In hindsight, the "TV unit" maybe should have been installed around the FP? The wall colour throughout is Benjamin-Moore Stonehouse. I currently have ivory shears on both windows. I love my Robert Bateman "Black Swan" [photo 8] and if only I could create a colour scheme around it! I tried with the brown floral-themed area rugs shown in photo 8 (8' x 10' in the living room, and 5' x 7' in the dining room). Oh ya, I don't want a dining set, as we would never use it. The TV in that wall unit is optional, so it does not dictate a seating arrangement in that area.
I need seating for 8 in the living room. Again, the big brown leather chair is going! Look at it! It takes up the whole room!!! The only other thing I have is an oval brass coffee table with glass top [photo 8]. Could the whole thing be a living room? or separated into two?
Anyways, here's food for thought. Looking forward to any and all ideas!
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Laurence Tillett
don't have much time this morning, but do NOT trash those darling chairs!!! paint them black and have them recovered in a nifty print...small scale. Zebra?
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Your bergere chairs could be a great start for your whole living room décor ! They are treasures, keep them.
Kathleen Burke Design · More Info
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Thank you. I see what you mean. They are all lovely. What other seating would go with these? i.e. I need seating for 6 more people. In my "pink and blue" room, I had a large sofa and smaller loveseat that never seemed to fit. I was constantly changing their orientation and was never happy with the results. Where would these 2 chairs go in the floor plan?
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omg, keep those chairs, they're beautiful!

i know you said the tv's optional, but if you keep it there, do all 8 people watch the tv at once, or can the seating be broken up into 2 groupings? because i think a small grouping for the tv (a couch and a small but comfy chair), and then a different group for the fireplace would be lovely.

since you don't need a formal dining area, just curious, where do you guys eat? i'm assuming you have a place elsewhere? if not, and all 8 of you don't all eat together, you could create a small eating area in the larger portion near the fireplace. a table could back up to a sofa and do dual duty. of course, if not needed, then nevermind. ^.^-b
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Loveseats are notorious for being useless and sets that include them are always hard to work with. Here's a variation on your original pink and blue that takes a completely different turn.
blue with black/white accents · More Info
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I would get two full size sofas rather than a loveseat. That is why you had difficulty placing furniture. With two full size sofas and 2 chairs you will many options for furniture arrangements.
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