Kitchen makeover help needed!
November 14, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Looking to somewhat redo my kitchen with something that will flow together with dining room floors. Want a cheap and easy makeover.
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Christopher Avila
But with a red or cream back splash and stain the cabinets maybe.
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wow, that's quite a contrast.

is changing the flooring or counters in budget?

if those counters are laminate, a cheap and temporary fix would be to use one of rustoleum's kits and paint them.
also, painting the walls to something NOT white would help a great deal.
maybe a nice creamy tan?
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because your kitchen is all white with a blue countertop, nothing about it fits with the dining room decor. You'd either have to do what Christopher showed, change the cabinets to match the decor of the dinning room, or at the very least, get a new counter top and paint your cabinets something other than bright white, or white uppers and a nice green lower? search here and see some options
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North Shore Custom llc
New laminate tops would be a great start. Something warm and neutral. If you don't have the budget to run the same dining room hardwood into the kitchen try some coordinating large area rugs to bring some color and warmth to your tile. Paint the walls with a nice mid-tone warm neutral. Maybe a new window treatment again to bring in some contrast and warmth
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Christopher Avila
yoboselyo true we don't know he or hers budget so their is know way of knowing but i choose that picture because people don't know how to use their 80s cabinets which sort of look like that so people will probably trow those out when updating their kitchen.
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Madden, Slick & Bontempo, Inc
You could consider doing wood counter tops with a new back splash. Ikea has wood tops that are very reasonably priced and it doesn't have to be white subway - it could be something with a little more color if you like. Bronze hardware would also probably tie in with the dining room built-ins. I also like to add just a small flat crown to the top of older cabinets - it just makes it look a little more finished. I also like North Shore's idea of adding an area rug and painting the walls a nice warm neutral.

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So what color scheme should I use? Do I have to keep the same color flooring throughout both rooms, or can it be contrasted without it looking dumb, possibly darker wood? I'm thinking about painting the countertops, but what color?
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JILL OF ALL~Kaarisa Blackwell
Per your request for 'cheap and easy'...I'm thinking to paint the walls a dark earthy yellow that flows nicely with dining room walls. Next install a floating 'cork' floor right over existing tile...choosing a rich golden blend of lights and darks, something that looks similar to Burl Wood. Leaving cupboards and countertops as is. If not loving the countertops, then you can always paint as suggested, or choose a tile backsplash that would bring the blue countertops and yellow paint together. Kitchen does not have to be the same as dining. Bright and cheery, yet warm and inviting is always nice! Do what feels right to you and puts a smile on your face! Have fun.....
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Change the countertops to wood (print). Floors too, if possible.

Cheap and easy should be left out, remodeling costs money. Focus on what needs to look good and think of a way to do it on a small budget.
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Hey guys ! I'm new at this but am trying to build my taste and vision so bare with me :$ I suggest you change the dining room walls to a creamy beige instead of that earthy brown it would make a HUGE difference and do the same for the kitchen walls . Then check if the kitchen needs the cabinets to be laminated by a similar wood pattern (similar to the dining room table )or paint them light brown if it's too expensive . Having the middle section of the top changed into wood too would be good .The appearance of course not the actual wood . It would give a central kitchen bar . Then consider the floor if you're still in budget . Could be anything beige .
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