Need help for building new home
November 15, 2013
Need to know how much cost for building a new home and doing interiors
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Lots of variables Nicole. Where do you live?

Land is expensive .... brick/stone exterior will cost more ... finishes, etc.

2 story? ranch? The more details you provide, the more accurate of an answer you will get.
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Agreed, there lots of factors in determining the cost for building a new house as mentioned.
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Lampert Dias Architects, Inc.
Costs really vary in different areas and they are always changing . You would be best to talk to 3 local contractors who have good reputations and ask them what their building costs are.

When you say "interiors" do you mean furniture? Or the interior finishes? The contractors will be able to give you the interior finishes numbers, but you can talk to a few local interior designers for estimates on furnishing a house.

Also, ask the contractors about landscaping costs. Do you want a pool or an outdoor patio? Or just planting?

Plus the building permit costs in your area. Check with the local building department. Some areas charge school fees..............

It would be great if you could factor in an architect to help you pull all of this together. Also this should be an architect who has great references and is known for working within budgets. Once again, you should ask 2 or 3 for proposals to see how they price their services. It can vary.
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Paris Russell
You can build a new home for as little as $100 per foot. It's the finishes that drive the cost.

The rule of thumb for furnishings budget is 20% of the cost of the house, but some go as high as 30% or as little as 10%. . So if you pay 500,000 for your home budget $100,000 for its interior. Ie flooring, paint, window treatments , lighting, furniture and accessories. And by all means hire someone to do the floor plan. Ever bought something you saw and drug it home only to find out it doesn't work or worse yet- it want fit thru your front door?We charge $150 per hour with a minimum 10 hour design time. So for $1500 you have a working plan you can do your self. Do interview a few designers - look at their work- ask questions and get a feel for their personality and always get references. After all your creating a mood ... tired, cranky and frustrated is not what you have in mind. Best of luck - Paris
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No such thing as building a house for $100/ft where I am, but regional prices can vary a great deal. You need to talk to builders in your area.
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