Help with two/three tone Ikea/Semihandmade kitchen
November 15, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I'm currently designing a new kitchen for our house. I really liked the Ikea Kitchen cabinets I used in my condo (all white kitchen) but this time around I would like to use some Semihandmade for the doors. I've attached my Ikea plans/views and also a picture of my inspiration kitchen which used Ikea base cabinets and Semihandmade door fronts. The large white box that is behind the small L and beside the pantry is a white brick fireplace. We plan on using wood open shelves on the brick over the small L-shape and open shelves on either side of the range hood fan so we wont have any upper cabinets (or if we change out mind on that later they will be in white)

I really like the wood lowers in the inspiration photo so I've done the main L-Shape in wood (where the sink, stove and dishwasher are). I like how the oven/cabinet above the fridge kind of fade away in the inspiration photo so I've done my fridge cabinet and pantry cabinets in white since the few un-tiled walls will be white. Now my main dilemma is what to do for the smaller L-shape (currently shown in brown-black). I like how the island is painted a grey/blue colour in the inspiration photo but I'm not sure that I would get the same effect if I did something similar with the small shape L since it's attached to the brick fireplace wall and not just an island

Do you think it would look strange to have that small L-shape a third cabinet colour (either a charcoal, mustard or green)? Or should I do it wood (so that all the bottoms are the same) or white (so that it's only a two-tone kitchen. WOuld this be strange to have one half white and one half wood)?

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Here is the existing kitchen and brick wall. We plan on removing the wall between the dining room and kitchen (seen in the third photo)
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and some open shelving... This will be one either side of the range hood and on the brick wall above the small er L-shape. I think it will be natural wood but maybe white
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Oh! and I forgot that we will be doing white countertops in quartz and either a while marble backsplash or a bluestone backsplash
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I love your inspiration photo and see your vision for your new kitchen, I think. I think you could pull off three tones, but worry about the following in making sure you are happy with the end result: the inspiration photo works with different color island because it has white walls, no upper shelves/cabinets, no backsplash, no brick. Since you are having both brick and highly textured/colored backsplash you already have more colors going. I'm not saying it won't work. I think it could, but its going to look a lot busier and less sleek than the inspiration photo because you have more going on. Sometimes I think a different color island works because it resembles a single piece of furniture, coordinating. I'm not sure the L can accomplish the same look, but still don't think it would be a bad look. Were you planning to use the same countertop on the L if you changed the bottom cabinet finish? I think it would be best to do the L cabinet white if you want upper shelves to be wood, and wood if you want upper shelves to be white. These will be very different looks and I would decide based on how you want the upper shelves to look. The wood will stand out warmly against the brick but the white would read as a sleeker, cleaner look. Either way, this is going to be a beautiful kitchen. Really beautiful.
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Thank you! You made some really good points. I think I would keep the countertop the same (white) on both sections. I think I agree that typically an island seems like a separate piece if furniture which as you mentioned my L-shape won't. If I don't do that L shape as a separate colour I think wood would probably be the best. There's something about having half the kitchen on colour and half the other split evenly in the middle that I think would seem a bit strange. I'm leaning a bit more towards the marble backsplash so wood or white shelves would still work but I get what you're saying about the patterns and texture. The reference photo is very sleek compared the the extra things I've got going on. Lots to think about now. Thank you again!
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I like the marble backsplash better, but I'm a fan of minimalist backsplashes anyway. I think you want to highlight the beautiful wood of semi handmade cabinets and the darker backsplash would compete. I'm doing an IKEA Abstrakt/Rubrik shiny all white kitchen this time--had antique cypress in my last kitchen. It is such a big and "permanent" installation that it is nerve-wracking. I'm using Whirlpool's White Ice appliances and nervous about that, having had stainless steel for so long. What kind of wood are you using? What floors?
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Touchadream - I know what you mean. We'll be living with it for so long that I don't want to make a mistake.

I think we'll pick walnut for the doors (which is the wood in the inspiration photo)

Thanks for the comment about the backsplash. I was thinking that same thing plus I think the marble will keep the kitchen from feeling too dark.

As for floors I was thinking dark grey of some sort. I'm a bit torn between doing tile and a nicer luxury vinyl tile (I know the word vinyl make people cringe). Our condo used some really nice LVT in the lobbies so it's not what you'd typically think of when you hear the word. We thought about doing wood but I'd like something that won't get damaged by water etc. plus I wasn't sure about mixing the wood cabinets with wood flooring. We've just bought the house so we don't plan on selling for 20+ years so I figure we should put in things we like instead of thinking of resale values. It's a mid century bungalow so I'd like to somewhat keep with the feel of the house as well.

You cabinet combo sounds great as well. Have you picked out the counters, floor and backsplash yet? I love the white ice collection! We were going to get the same but it think we've decided to go stainless. White ice was a bit more expensive than we can spend (it's probably cheaper in the USA than it is here in Canada). They will look fantastic in your kitchen!
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Walnut is gorgeous for the cabinets--who wouldn't want that? I know there are some gorgeous vinyls now and I wouldn't hesitate to use one, except they are too expensive for my budget here. I am using bamboo on my floor throughout the main part of the house in a toast color. Probably a countertop in a cream-tan quartz, not swirly but with small imbeds. Not sure about backsplash but likely just a glass or white subway. I have some nice art and colored glass I inherited so will use those colorful and darker items to set off against the all white kitchen. My house is in Phoenix, a bland patio home, but with nice size rooms and cute courtyard design. I am having to reno the whole thing before I move in, which is really scary! I'm getting quotes on everything now and they are mounting up at alarming rates, especially electrical and plumbing. I'm taking out some walls and moving some doors, etc.
I wouldn't hesitate to mix wood cabinets and wood floors. You see pictures of it all over houzz and they are pretty. I think you just don't want them to match, so you need a lighter floor with the walnut. But gray should be very stylish, and the vinyl indestructible and waterproof. I would go with that if the cost is reasonable.
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