Help needed for bathroom remodeling
November 15, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I need to take out shower stall and install a bathtub for my 2 year old twins and baby girl. I have no bathtubs to bathe them in. What's the cheapest way to accomplish this, as budget is very tight?
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We just hose our two kids down with a hand held shower head. We used to bathe them but honestly the fighting over bath toys and splashing was more than I could handle after a long day. Now their shower is done in 2mins with no mess, no fights, and way less water used. I only wash their hair about a once a week and I just wrap their towel around them and they bend their head over the tub. I have also done it by laying them down on a towel on top of the kitchen counter with their head hanging in the sink a bit and I wash it with the sink sprayer. Easy.
They are 2.5 and 3.5 and seriously I wished I'd been doing it since they were old enough to stand on their own! It's SO MUCH EASIER! Save your pennies and buy and hand held shower head at Home Depot and Bob's your Uncle!
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It would be a shame to remove such a nice shower for the few years until your little ones are old enough not to need a tub. How about a very large sturdy container like those sold at farm supply stores? Or, an old-fashioned galvanized laundry tub? I have a very cute picture of my son bathing in a bucket when he was about 4 years old and we were visiting a place with only a shower.

You can get a sturdy plastic tub 30 inches in diameter for about $25-$30. Then just hang it on the back wall of the shower
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We are already using the laundry tub, but it's getting too small for the twins. They are pretty big.
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Really need a bath tub, need suggestions on how to make it happen cheaply. Galvanizes tubs will not work. Help needed on how to make it happen not on why NOT to do it. Thank you
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Lampert Dias Architects, Inc.
My first question is whether your shower is large enough to fit a freestanding tub (with feet) inside the existing shower space.

If it is, then you can purchase the freestanding tub and place it into the shower.

Remove the glass sliding doors and replace with a shower curtain.

Install a handheld shower head with an extra long hose.

Now you have a tub inside the shower. You haven't had to destroy any of the beautiful shower. In fact, the grownups can still shower by standing in the tub and the kids can take baths.

You have only had to purchase the tub and a long hand held hose ....................
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Do you want to install a bath permanently or do you want to remove it later...
You could probably try something like this which would fit in your shower and could be attached to the drain and use existing shower fittings ...
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Thank you for the ideas for the free standing tub. I think they will work. I will check out the website for tubs. Thanks again!
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Paris Flea
Remove the shower door have a contractor build a 2 foot or so wall where the shower door is now and apply the same tile in the shower inside and out. Very cheap fix and will look original. If you want to keep the shower doors -raise them up on the "tub" ledge if you have room at the ceiling.
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