To score or not to score concrete countertop for bbq?
dealcatcherNovember 17, 2013
I'm having a hard time deciding whether I should score the concrete countertops for my outdoor bbq. I prefer the clean contemporary look without the scoring but I also want to be mindful of cracks. My landscaper said some people don't mind the cracks because it makes it look more natural. Oh and the concrete is going to have a trowel finish. Please help me decide. Thank you!!!
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It'll look better and be easier to clean without the scores.
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I agree. Have you seen what it looks like with cracks though? Does it look ok still?
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As a concrete countertop designer/contractor for 28 years I would advise the same as the above -- no scores. My reasons may be different though. The scores can encourage cracking which may or may not stay in the score line. Of course the steel will hold everything together for the function but the top will probably crack anyway somewhere near the inside corners. The scores won't help you there. Good luck with the placement. Don't wait too long to pull the face form boards - so the concrete is still soft enough to trowel along with the top. If you have the equipment to polish with diamond pads and want a more formal look then leave the forms intact for a day or two and then wait another day to begin the grinding.
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Thanks!! Do you think it looks better polished? How long can I wait to polish it?
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The smoother it is, the better it will wear outside. Weather you prefer a formal or more informal look should guide you to flatten it and square it (as much as possible) then polish with the diamond pads. If you like the more informal look, which I prefer for patio areas, is achieved by pulling the face forms as the concrete hardens and troweling the edge-face and the top together.
Once it sits a couple of days the diamond pads can be used lightly and then a sealer applied. This surface will be more like saltillo tile. It will have slight undulations, which I find appealing. It will still look flat but no super-flat like granite.
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nice and smooth easier to clean .
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