Redoing Fireplace - problem hiding electrical.

barbmrukNovember 17, 2013
Going to remove the niche - build a straight box around fireplace and cover with a metallic slate like tile. The walls will be a dark gray and the entire floor will be a warm walnut hardwood.

PROBLEM. Current outlet and cable connections - want to keep but have completely hidden in case a future owner wants to put the dreaded flat screen over the fireplace.

Has anyone used a secret tile to cover outlet? Or should I put random small niches sporadically on the fireplace and the outlet on the bottom of a niche??

The gray fireplace is somewhat what I was planning to do.
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Love your design! Check with code before you have "secret" electrical. Nice you are thinking about future homeowners.
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Comwest Construction
If you are not going to ever use a TV over the fireplace don't worry about installing a plug. First you need more than just a plug to install TV on that wall you will need at least 3 HDMI cables as well. So enjoy your fireplace the way you like the next owner might not even like your design and chose to remove them all.
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I've done something similar. Your electrician will require a blank plate be placed over the box to meet code. I would have them re-wire the cable and electrical to the side, and then have the blank plates on the side where you won't notice them because the tile on the side will be in front of the blank plate (not on top of, but in front, toward the room). I presume you are in the US. The other option is to have your electrician remove the wiring. Covering up a box is a fire hazard, so don't do it. It will void your insurance if the house caught fire and this was the cause. The the liability will travel with you if you sell the house with a hidden fire hazard and it burns down later.
Today, we and many others don't use cable, but have WiFi for the TV signal, and just use an AC power outlet. So the third option is to yank out the coax cable and move the electric box to the side.
I'd keep in mind you might want an outlet on the side someday for holiday decorations or a lamp on a piece of art. Never can have too many outlets IMHO. But I like them tucked out of sight.
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I wouldn't worry about the needs of future buyers. I'd concentrate on making sure your remodel will meet code. I would remove the wiring and be done with it. Do have your electrician add several plugs in a discreet spot for the reasons noiwh8 gave. The insurance issue is not to be taken lightly. For that reason alone I wouldn't consider any other options than to rip it out. Post pics when your project is finished!
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Planika Fires
You can try this
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