Cheap and creative fix for wallpaper border "issues"

hurst visual solutionsNovember 17, 2013
Three layers deep, some paper, some adhesive.. after every solution known to man, this was really becoming too big of a chore... In the battle of the wall border.. the border won. In the end, I won the war.. This is how... I used a wash off marker and taped the lowest portion of the remaining wallpaper. I then bought a textured surface preparation and using a plastic putty knife, added a skim coat about 1/8" thick and hid all the left over wallpaper and it's bulges. My plan is, after making several different patterns, ( and also this is a young boys room... ) make tiles from the second coat that will look like bricks. ( believe me, I wasn't going to sponge this because it took about 2 days... ) It has to dry between coats for 24 hours so it's now time to put on the smooth coat and attempt to make this patten work. It can take paint, but I'm going to wait until I see what it looks like before that decision is made.
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Love to see pics when you are finished !
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hurst visual solutions
you'll see them for sure unless I make a huge mess!!!
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hurst visual solutions
For patterns.. so they don't need to be so measured and standardized.. I tried a mash potato smasher, broom straws, a metal dog come... and not that I think about it. The idea of brick along the ceiling sort of disturbs me... like it doesn't belong high, but maybe low. Instead, I was thinking of using a large toothed comb going up a stoke then sideways a stroke. That was one of my patterns I liked and think I won't go back and wish I hadn't done the brick. Like. who has brick around the top of their room? Just an aesthetic thing and maybe bad feng shui.
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hurst visual solutions
After pulling an all-nighter on the resurfacing ( not something you start and pick up on a few house later ) I used my inspiration, paint test, patten on texture board.. added a mismatched drawer pull from the kitchen and created this little piece of art. A welcome door to their new home. Turned out to be quite interesting and instead of tossing it she wants to actually hang it on the wall.. Just goes to show, you can make art, create beauty, be creative in the moment, don't care what someone thinks, think it out or just toss it on. My throw away board is considered her "first piece of real art" - which I love!!!
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