Blank canvas master suite needs design ideas
Kiersten Kern
November 18, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We have recently purchased and remodeled our house and I am stumped for ideas decorating this large master suite. The floors are dark walnut and the walls are dove grey with off white trim color. I am loving the way the light bounces around in the room with the paint color, I am wanting to keep the love seat and know it needs some rugs, but not sure about the arrangements. Any help is welcome. Thanks
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Rugs Done Right
There are many options available that can suit this large space! Here are a few simple options that utilize the existing colors however I think a pop of color is definitely needed. Shades of teal or seafoam would go well with the greys and browns already being used. Also, we recommend staying away from a geometric rug pattern as it will clash with the bedspread.
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I really like all three rugs, Rugs Done Right. I like your color choices too. Kiersten, you could start with a couple of accent pillows for your settee in the teal or sea foam to see how you feel about those colors. I love blue shades with grays. I have also used greens, purples and burgandys with great success, but you would have to try several out to see which hues would look best with your other accessories.
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Would you consider turning your bed catty corner? It looks a little squished to the corner and wall. Are you going to have other furniture ?
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Kiersten Kern
I was thinking of night stands on either side of the bed, a small table and floor lamp with a rug by the love seat and possible a bench at the foot of the bed. There will also be a sliding barn door for the bathroom which is on one of the large walls.
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Does the bed work on the wall we can't see? Seems ideal to enjoy the light and view from your bed on the other wall.
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Wonderful space. Center a new bed (upholstered headboard or poster style) on the wall opposite the windows, with a large rug pulled 1/3 to 1/2 of the way under it. You have room to romance the bed, so do so. Let your loveseat style establish a direction. I'd rearrange the pix on the stairwell so they are not in view from the bedroom area. However, hanging a large piece of art on that wall, so that it becomes part of the bedroom decor. Beautiful bedding and rich art will be key. In addition, more romantic window treatments may be in order. Consider stationary drapery panels hung floor to ceiling (using lowest ceiling above window for the measurement all around) with the shades underneath. Or try light filtering traverse sheers for a softer look. Bedside tables (not matching, but same height) plus lamps will up the romance factor - put them on a dimmer. Remodel the fan into a "fandelier" if you need it for circulation in the upstairs. I'll let you google for that item - quite clever and nice.
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Kiersten Kern
Here is the bed caddy corner and on the other wall. There may be a space issue when we install the barn door to the bathroom on that wall though.
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Can you measure portion of the wall that will be unusable because of the barn door? I like the bed catty corner (no pun intended - but, how do animals always know how to get into the picture?:))) ). It makes the set up more interesting. If you turn it more toward you (in your camera man job), You'll have room for two night stands should you want an additional one. I don't think the nights stands need to be flat against the wall. They can be turned too. A bench at the end of the bed would look great. It could also be an ottoman with a top that comes off for storage. You would still be able to sit on it. A trunk would be great too. More storage again, but I'm not sure you could sit on it. I like the idea of a under the end of the bed and bench also at an angle. A smaller rug in the same color and design could be used the love seat and table.
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deco has a bunch of great ideas! Love the drape idea, and a padded headboard. Love the ideas about the way the art should be hung too.
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