Need help with window treatment ideas for lv rm window seat window
November 19, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Hi, I am trying to give my living room a more polished, sophisticated look. I believe some sort of window treatment would help tremendously. I'd appreciate knowledgeable advice about whether to put drape panels on the outside of the window (type of bar, color, valance?), or something on the inside of window. Links to similar ideas as proposed welcomed. Where desk is and old lamp is, a midcentury modern buffet/bar is on its way. I should mention I have white muntin bars for the window as well.

Wall paint Ben. Moore Carrington Beige, trim Ben. Moore Simply White.

Thanks so are pics from all angles. Other ideas for the room also welcomed, particularly if related to window treatment!
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Here is a better exposure...
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Consider doing a solar screen shade in the fabric series Sheerweave 5000. You can see this fabric and more at
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Hi Jeffrey, The first thing that came to mind regarding curtains is a fabric available on a website called They sell pillow covers, as well as drapery fabric, and will make custom curtains for you. I think they are reasonably priced, but haven't ordered from them personally. The fabric is posted below and has some olive green in the loops,which I think I see in your rug. Having said that, the rug looks different in each pic so would you describe the colors for better reference? Will keep poking around for ready-mades for you, but in the meantime -'yes, curtain panels are the way to go and hang them on a brushed nickel rod that is halfway between top of window and ceiling, or even just below the ceiling. Make sure the rod extends about a foot on each side of the window, so that when the curtains are fully open you can see the whole window. You could then hang wicker blinds or maybe solar shades depending on light and privacy needs, and the curtains would be stationery panels.

Looking at the rest of your room, I love your choices, but the sectional looks like it could scoot forward about a foot so that the front feet are on the rug. It will look better pulled out from the wall a bit.
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Looking at the rug some more, I'm thinking maybe it has some teal in it? You could jazz up the pillow patterns a bit to create more interest on the sofa, as well as place a lumbar pillow on each chair.

I think you will find, though, that curtains will make a huge difference, especially if you layer them with some blinds.

You have a nice living room, for sure!
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I'm also wondering if you could hang a series of pics in interesting frames along the back of the sectional on that adjoining wall. They don't have to be big - the impact would be more from the texture of the frames, and when hung close together they will almost read as one long picture. You would hang them so that the bottoms are about 6" above the sofa back.

I thought of these rugged frames because I think they would contrast nicely with the glass and metal coffee tables, as well as bring in some more organic touches.
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Another option is plantation shutters. I would move rug closer to sofa and add some art behind sofa and by the desk. Add a throw on the sofa and pillow on other chair pulling from rug colors. Is the floor lamp by desk right next to chair? It looks like it's by itself in the corner competing with the desk light but it could be the angle of the pic. Not sure you need it. Maybe also add a larger object (vase?) on table behind couch to add some height, and change the candles to a color other than white to give some depth. Great room though!
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Inspired Spaces
Jeff, I would add stationary panels on each side of the window on the outside wall with a decorative rod. Do you need to cover the window for privacy or sun protection? Also add a custom made window seat cushion in a complimentary fabric.
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Thanks everyone so far. Window faces north, so I'd like to get all the light I can. Fixed panels on the outside leaving almost whole window open seems good. Gonna put art up once I figure out the window (large canvas prints of my favorite pics from Italy). Perhaps a three-parter over the couch. I can see I need to move my rug under couch! Keep ideas coming...very helpful.
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Sustainable Dwellings
I would use Roman shades, then full length drapes mounted near ceiling- to the floor...that would open to the outside of the windows.
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Love your room and doorway, your style of home, and mid-century style furniture too.

This isn't about your window treatment, as I'm challenged myself when it comes to my own windows, but I would replace the rug with a short shag of either a solid neutral color or a salt-and-pepper look of whatever colors you like in that room best ( a neutral solid shag that has little specks of something else running through it that gives it a little more sparkle and depth, but is still understated). I had trouble finding something just right to go under my modern dining table, returning area rug after area rug in frustration. Nothing looked right with my really modern table in a smaller space. Finally I put a shag like I described under it ( a neutral off-white with very faint brownish-blackish undertones) and it was perfect! It really made that space pop without being overwhelming.
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Jeffery, I would do ceiling to floor fixed panels on each side. Since the window is northern exposure, you have the delightful option of focusing more on ascetics than function. (Unless privacy is an issue). The window is set deep....12"? Ish? Think about a seat cushion, layering fabrics and textures will give the room a cozy feel that is inviting and comfortable. Don't be afraid of some color either! And some drop dead gorgeous decorative rods will be beautiful but set you back a pretty penny!
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Masterworks Window Fashions & Design
Jeffrey, are you still needing advice?
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Junee G
I love the idea of a bay window seat in that area since there is depth to it :)
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Loom Decor
Your mid century modern decor is excellent- what great furniture pieces! My suggestion to you would be to mount the drapes on the outside of the window to create a window seat area. It will make your room feel more spacious. I have hand picked a few drapery fabric options from our site. Take a look at all of our fabrics on the site & contact a stylist for personalized design advice free of charge! Happy decorating!
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Curtain Call
Hi Jeffrey. I'm new to Houzz and just saw your post. There are a number of things you can do. The drapery panels with a decorative rod are a great idea. I think a fabric Roman shade in a wonderful fabric would look terrific. These can be custom made. Hunter Douglas also has a selection of fabric Roman shades
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Pleotint LLC
Hi Jeffrey I think your living room could really benefit from our suntuitive self tinting windows. This will allow you to preserve your view, bring in natural light and reduce unwanted heat gain. You can check us out at
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The attached photo may be of some help in regards to your window. You can purchase the foam and some fabric to suit your tastes and have someone sew a custom bench seat.
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If privacy is not an issue, I would not put up any kind of shade, shutter or tint on the windows, since the window faces north. Since panels on the outside are decorative and not functional, it seems to be an expenditure that you can postpone for a while. With that gorgeous deep window sill, I would definitely consider some live plants in beautiful ceramic containers with saucers to protect the window sills. The plants would help the indoor air quality and the containers and plants would add color and life to your subdued color palette.
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Gray & Walter, Ltd.
Does the room get a lot of light? Think about this before installing anything heavy. I think a nickel pole and finials would be nice. Try to get some patterned sheers that aren't too heavy or busy looking. Hang them from ceiling, they will finish window and still let in some light.
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Blinds Direct Canada
Hi there,
I would recommend going with cellular shades with a top down bottom up option. This will allow you to control the light and privacy in the space. It also is a really clean sleek look it will fit perfectly inside the frame . I would also recommend staying away from drapery panels in this space. I feel it would be a bit heavy for the room.
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ResCom Designs
Seems to be the tv arera and thus you will need some sort of room darkening to blackout shade. Look at a roller shade with a pattern. This way you get the patterns of drapery with easy operation
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Shades IN Place
Plantation shutters and a window seat would be a great idea. The key to your project is "how much light/privacy" do you need /want?
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Unique Window Treatments
Hi Jeffery, For a true modern finish, might we suggest motorization. You can even use two sets of shades in conjunction with today's modern options. This will allow you maximum light control and style. A combination of a sheer and black out shade will serve you well and stay in style. Use, drapes to accent the room and add ambiance.
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DeCocco Drapes
Hi jeffreyh, You received a LOT of great advice! We agree with the idea of flanking the window on the outside wall with drapery panels, but would probably recommend a sophisticated, calm fabric pattern to coordinate with your preferred style. If you're still looking for the best solution (design, color and fabric selection), shoot us an email and we'll send you a digital rendering of our recommendation on your photo.
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