What to do, what to do? Living room colour dilemma...
November 20, 2013
I need some seeeeerious help! I am finally through all of the bedrooms and am on to our boring and very empty living room! I have been holding off on decorations and more furniture until I paint it. Right now it is a light grey on most walls with a darker bluish grey on the one long wall (which makes the room look even longer than it is!). I want to switch it up so the accent wall is behind the TV, in hopes of shortening the room.... I like the idea of using navy (i.e. Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy) for either just the accent wall with a light gray in the rest of the room, OR putting up a white wainscotting with navy above it so that i can use it through the whole room! I just made an awesome DIY starburst gold mirror that i want to put above the little couch and I think it would look awesome with Navy! The couches also have to stay the same, so beige & navy i think would go well together. They just desperately need some throw pillows!
My big problem is....would navy be too dark? I only have the one window at the end of the living room-- the joys of living in a townhouse. Thoughts? Opinions? Any better ideas out there???
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This picture was taken in the morning, its always much brighter in the afternoon when the sun streams in!
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Oh and ps the bright red kitchen in the background is the next thing on the painting list!
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Curt D'Onofrio
I really like the way the room looks. If i had to change one thing, the wall where the lamp is i would change it so it matches the other walls
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Yeah I dont mind the light grey....I just dont know what shade it is! my hubby painted it years ago when he lived here with his brother before we were married, and he doesn't remember.....so i have to re-do the whole room! I
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I love this colour scheme too!
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your white cabinet looks out of place in your room.I would get a modern media cabinet in dark or tone that matches coffee table. The corner cabinet looks crowded in the corner. Is there another wall where it can be placed?
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Curt D'Onofrio
If you can cut a small sample piece from the wall, bring it to Lowe's or Home Depot, they may be able to match the color of the paint. Cut the sample piece near the floor or in another location where one is not notice the cut out
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That's the problem with the room--- it is such an awkward size!! We used to have the tv on the long wall with the couch across but it did not work for having people over & visiting....moving the media cabinet there helped to solve that problem, but now to fit everything else in-- its like a jigsaw puzzle! That seems to be the best place for the shelf for now, unless i put it next to the couch , but then what to do with the corner? ( ALthough i could put the christmas tree in there and it would solve that problem for now!!! ) The media cabinet has to stay for now but I could always paint it for a quick/cheap fix...that's all i did in the first place. It has a dark wood top that matches the shelving. The coffee table is also now dark like the rest of the shelving-- my hubby built a new top for it, and it looks much better!
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