need help with galley kitchen
November 20, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Trying to open up the kitchen a bit, so planning on putting a 4' wide by 3' tall opening over the buffet in living room. On the other side of that is the stove. I plan to put a counter on the kitchen side maybe 8"-10" deep. I've considered opening further so it extends to over the couch where there is still nothing on the kitchen side, but thought it might be a bit weird as I don't think a counter with a couch on the other side of it makes a lot of sense. Open to any interesting thoughts!
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We need to see more of the kitchen. Can you comment and use AI button to add pix from window to the other end? i love galley kitchens but don't like "pass-thru" holes in living room walls. That won't open the kitchen, except for making it visible from the LR. If you really want to open that wall, remove the buffet and create a doorway there. That can be done even if the wall is load bearing because reinforcement can be installed above the door if needed. Personally, I'd rather add more storage and cabinetry on that length of wall in the kitchen and perhaps, if possible, open the window end of the space for more light.
Kitchen, Historic Townhouse, Brooklyn, New York
kitchen with bamboo cabinets and resin countertops
November 20, 2013 at 10:17AM   
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here are some additional pics, thanks for the input!
November 20, 2013 at 10:35AM   
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Floor plans are helpful. I assume this is a 1 bedroom condo/apt and you won't be changing the kitchen window. I can see that the dining space is in the living room, so there may be a way to make it more convenient to the kitchen by rearranging the LR furniture. I'm sure the TV can't be moved, but try the sectional at the window end, floated out from the rad cover a bit. Then the dining table and buffet could go opposite TV and they would be closer to the kitchen. You can cut the bottoms off of plastic milk or juice jugs to make furniture sliders if you want to try it. I think that will save you some $$$, and you might be glad you didn't tear a hole in the wall. Personally, when I entertain, I want the kitchen mess out of site of the guests. If you try it, post more pix and we'll tweak it on out.
November 20, 2013 at 1:39PM   
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Stove near a cut out could be kind of messy, and with the airconditioner nearby I want to strongly echo decoenthusiaste that a cut out may do more harm than good here. You may be actively spreading cooking oils throughout your living room on linens etc.

Keeping them separate, I can see that a corbel supported shelf on the kitchen side might make the flat wall a bit more useful but you could do that with an inexpensive butcherblock run of counter top cut down and hang hooks on the wall overhead to hold pans.

If you want more of an open feel, you need to take most of / or the whole wall out, and then what will you be looking at? If you prefer the look of taking the whole wall down, you need to address flooring (cork is nice next to wood) and keep the gorgeous trim / ceiling height in the living room / carrying it through the open kitchen. An open kitchen is going to make you feel you need to remodel your kitchen too by going for a glossy vintage casework color (charcoal? sage green?) and you may then get a jones for all kinds of high end appliances and a bit more of a bar feel there. You might place one of the premade islands in front of the air conditioner (use the exhaust fan!!) window or perpendicular with its "back" to the stove / expand the kitchen into a great room that way. The table would be in the right place for that but the rest would have to flip. If you opened it, I can see that you might install new pantry storage across the old entrance and carry something around the corner with services for media on the other side. A kind of hub at the hall end accessible from inside the kitchen. Or move a larger refrigerator to the entry area / leave the side wall just to come up the side of that, possibly use the moving casework to fill in the current refrigerator area below with some open shelves above - this would also entail flipping the seating in the room and it will create a lot more cross traffic in the space to get in and out of kitchen with groceries / etc. Your new island would be the only additive space as you trade off half your storage for a full height pantry cabinet maybe w/not quite that quantity of shelf space. You could open the whole thing in a neat way but it is a waaaay bigger project and you would need to love the result. Play around with layouts of furniture in your room on paper because losing the wall will greatly impact your living room options.
November 20, 2013 at 2:24PM   
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