texielevyJanuary 13, 2012
We just purchased a beach house and we're going to have to fully outfit it, an exciting but daunting task. I am waffling between doing it in a kind of urban contemporary look or a more traditional cottage beach house style. I prefer the looks of modern but perhaps the traditional style is more comfortable for the beach? Would love input from fellow houzzers/designers. (This house will be a rental so it needs to be appealing not just to me, but renters as well.)
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I like blue and white for a beach house. Blue and white sounds cottage-crisp-chic but blue and white can be used for urban contemporary furnishings, too. A rental should have furnishings that are minimal, easy to clean, fabrics and counters that can take abuse and not show wear and stains. Some objets d'art are nice, but not anything that is breakable or that you'd be heartbroken if stolen or destroyed. Landscaping should be easy care, attractive: river stones, hardscape, a few shrubs & trees., no grass, no flowers. Wall to wall or area carpet should be a pattern to hide stains and wear: below is a suggestion for W2W or area rug flooring. I like white washable walls. The art below is wonderful & modern: dark blue, gray and yellow. I'd buy stretched canvas and do it myself, no frames. Buy the art paint after you chose the fabrics and you can match (harmonize) the blue and other colors of the wall art with the furnishings. If you need curtains, think: simple design, easy to pull across window in white denim or white cotton canvas, throughout. Photo # 1 for W2W and at
Woodvalley - Bathroom · More Info

I'd have each bedroom about the same: blue denim duvets, white denim curtains, no throw pillows, wood night table. I'd probably buy funky second hand store bureaus and paint them a high gloss white with interesting knobs
Blue Chest · More Info
An unusual wood rocking chair in each room would set the rooms apart, the chairs would be the art. I would leave the walls unadorned.
Mid-Century Modern Addition, Truro · More Info
Living room: blue denim sofa, white denim chairs, art on wall as in photo # 1. Dining room, white easy care.
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j222b, thanks so much for your thoughtful response. Great suggestions, and thanks for sending the links. Think I will go with coverlets rather than duvets - kings are so challenging to stuff. :) Love the idea of the high gloss on second hand bureaus. Gives me an excuse to go hunting.
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What could be more fun that decorating and making plans for a beach house? I wish others would give opinions.

Coverlet will be nice! Yes, duvets are a pain, sometimes. I'd probably be lazy and go for the IKEA white night table & dresser & bed frame. Then, a second hand rocker painted.
Bed http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/bedroom/16284/
Night table & bureau http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/series/18635/
A blue or wide blue and white stripe coverlet look great with white furniture, curtains, walls (I don't like the blue walls shown)
Bedroom with Lagoon View · More Info

Fun art idea for a bathroom
Mediterranean · More Info

Fun area rug idea, with a blue coverlet, maybe with a green painted rocker & green sheets and pillowcases for fun
San Francisco High Rise 001 · More Info
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I'd go with beachy but clean and contemporary. Cream or white twill sofas, maybe a slipcovered look, use throw pillows to add pops of color (blue patterns & stripes), rustic wooden tables, neutral sisal rugs and striped cotton mats, wall colors in shades of white/cream, gray, light bluish/greenish/gray, linen/cotton blend drapes and matchstick roller shades.
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Thanks cungaro. Getting ready to move forward with renovations. Lots to think about. ;)
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By all means go with white or off-white furniture for most of the house. It mixes well with natural stained wicker, wood tones, sisal, and other colors. Use medium blue denim for your major color in fabrics, ticking stripe is good, and do not put white denim on the living room furniture. Renters will ruin it. In very bright rooms, try some navy blue. Punch up the color with splashes of bold color, exp. red and yellow. Chartruse is a popular green now. Do put artwork on the walls. Renters won't take it but the cleaning crew might.

Regarding bedding: I suggest washable duvets. It costs a lot to dry clean poufy coverlets and if you wash them the filling gets lumpy and matted.

Houzz has lots of photos of beachy rooms.
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Mona Ives
I would use classical finishes combining light blue, yellow, and shades of green along with navy as an accent. I would use white or taupe as a base color for your walls, floors, furnishings, etc. I would do taupe upholstery for the renters. I would keep the lines of everything clean and straight for that more contemporary feel, but make it warm with your choice of more coastal fabrics and accessories.
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Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I think we're looking with lots of greys and grey blues, with bright white trim throughout. I decided I wanted more of a contemporary , rather than a cottage, look. Just not my thing. :) Pretty spare - not a fan of clutter or kitsch. Trying to decide on flooring now. I think I'm going to go with a strand bamboo, but can't decide if I want to use natural or something you don't see all the time, like the tiger stripe bamboo.
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How much fun is this? I like a cream with some yellow in it for walls, with white trim, natural tones in furniture (but no oranges or reds) and soothing blue/green accents. I prefer New England type nautical decor vs beachy cabana stuff (been there, done that). My beach place got sold and rented, but it had beachy tile, and custom shower tile job, wood floors-bones that keep the theme. I just want to say that this third (!) paint scheme I did before seliing I liked the best. Evaluate if your rooms are cool most of the day or warm to pick the opposite tone to balance out the interior weather/gloominess-beaches can be overcast alot. My place was cold and the warm tones helped.
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Mona Ives
If you're going the grey route armstrong has a beautiful distressed grey oak... take a look at that. The bamboo is nice but I think the grey oak more modern...
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arlys baker
Have navy blue and white stripes against a white Ikea linen cover, looks cool and refreshing. In Autumn and winter add a dash of pumpkin or mandarin, looks fab and modern, especially if you have a fire going. Keep your walls a off white for coolness and just about every color around looks great against, it including your art work. Most of all make it relaxing and easy care, have fun enjoy it. We now have moved permanently into ours on the east coast of Australia, and oh boy getting up to a sunrise over boats moored and dolphins fishing for breakfast is just about as good as it gets. Good Luck on you house.
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I really like natural bamboo flooring for its airiness and works perfectly with an open concept beach type home.

dining room · More Info
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Thanks for all your input. I did put a strand bamboo floor throughout, and used primarily blues and grays. Many thanks to Ikea and Target where I purchased just about everything. ;) I'm pleased with the results - beachy, but not kitsch. Crisp and clean. Check it out here...
Project: Paper Moon Beach House · See Project
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Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC.
Just in case you have some projects left in the house, here are some ideas for you...
Ideabook: Plunge Into a Refreshing Beach-House Look · See Ideabook

Enjoy and hope you find this helpful. Charmean Neithart
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