curb appeal needed
November 24, 2013
We are remodeling a small, 1940's vinyl clad home on a small budget. I don't believe the vinyl can be painted. The windows are wood with divided panes. Any ideas on improving the curb appeal?
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What is a "small" budget? Is it $1,000, $10,000, $50,000?

I would look at improving the curb appeal of the porch; perhaps redoing the support structure so the center post could be moved and opening up the porch to the sidewalk area. Also, it looks to me like you are either missing a window or need to relocate the existing window
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Looks like this a big rehab. Have you checked about getting the vinyl painted. I'm with Linda on cosmetic changes. Got to balance the front window, add another, or put in a big one. Clean yard up, landscape. Don't forget to have the tree stump removed.
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The tree stumps are coming out. The space where a window needs to be is a closet. The porch can definitely be enhanced. I am considering a porch railing and new supports. Low flower beds with curving edges will be added. I was considering a trellis for evergreen climber to fill the blank space. The total rehab budget is 30K. Much work to do inside. We can perform the work ourselves. Thanks.
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Weed and rake, then go plant fresh foundation plants if they are even available this time of year in your climate.
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I have friends who did the labor themselves with vinyl siding. So food for thought.The current siding is still going to look rough after painting because it has warped. New siding and new window with a frame would make a big difference. Roof doesn't look so great either. Foundation platings for sure.
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Why couldn't you have a window in the closet. Another window would change everything
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I can see maybe adding a taller shrub or plant to balance out the side where there is no window in the front. I think some shutters or possibly fresh painted window trim and door could really help in maybe a navy blue. A porch swing or two seat rocker would also be nice.
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Get rid of the wrought iron grates. The vinyl can be painted . We did it on an addition. modest landscaping would o a long way towards curb appeal. Do it your self with small foundation plantings and colorful annals.
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You need wide, decorative trim around the window. I would say add shutters too, but I'm not sure how that would work with the window on the porch. New perennials planted around the foundation, with one that will grow to a maximum height as the window, planted in the space where there *should* be a window. Pehaps a yew or a juniper. Do not plant them any closer than 3 feet from the foundation! We buy these cute little bushes, plant them 18" from the foundation and in a couple of years - after they are too big to move - we realize our mistake and say YIKES! why did I do that! Depending on where you are, if it's not too late, plant some spring blooming bulbs. Put house numbers on the side of the house too. I don't think they will draw attention to the big blank wall area. If you decide to paint, study up on the procedure. I'm not sure you can paint siding and it would be a big budget booboo to jump in without following the steps to a *T*.
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I was going to say you can use a primer called Stix but seeing the waves in the siding remove it and put up hardie siding. Since you are handy you can install it on the front yourself in a weekend. The windows you can pick up at the big box store, and pick up some vinyl trim boards. 1. Remove siding and put on a house wrap on the front. 2 install the windows, don't forget the sealing tape. 3. Install the siding, get a blade for cement siding. paint.
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