Need help with fireplace
Franci Suter
November 24, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I need some advice. I do not like how the fireplace is off center and the bricks are in 2 different directions. I also want to add a mantle, just am unsure of placement of anything on the mantle would you use the actual center to decorate from or above the fireplace?
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The off-center aspect of this fireplace gives your guests a place to sit and chat down at the end. There could be some firewood stacked to the left of the fireplace.
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Design Connection, Inc
This is not the style of fireplace to put a mantel. I agree with if being off center. You accessories to balance out. When you place furniture in the room and decorate it will become less noticeable. Make it a unique feature in the room.
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Hammonds Paints Ballarat
I quite like the fact that the fireplace is off centre. It comes down to personal choice though. If you dont find it appealing...its time to change it.

A relatively inexpensive way is to distract your eye with a different focal feature. Like a beautiful chair or even a vase and flowers on the left side so you focus on that instead of the off-centred fireplace.

The more expensive option would be to knock part of the wall out.

The great thing about that fireplace is that its solid. You might want to paint? If you have a wider budget, how about you add a layer of 3D Stone fragments or tiles?

Mantles could be anything from something in a garage sale, or even a simple shelf to sit above?
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And I thought my brick fireplace was ugly ! I think that whole fireplace should be painted. and then I think a mantel would be fine.
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Please don't add a mantle or change the brick unless you are ready to re-face the potions with the horizontal brick only. I would leave the verticle brick alone. I really like that feature. If code will allow you to remove the hearth. Re-facing the entire brick area with a fabulous tile. Floor to ceiling. I would not hang a tv over it. Too much heat! If you leave it as it is I see all sorts of possiblities to make that area cozy and to add tall decorative vases or pottery on the hearth.
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If it's in the budget, change it. It's too hard to live with something you don' like. Can't see fireplace for the brick.
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HERE Design and Architecture
Hang a painting centered over the fireplace opening if you want to emphasize it and de-emphasize the brick. Put a spot on the painting from the ceiling. Alternatively, you could hang a continuous shelf from end to end - but you will have to comply with the required clearances. Finally, you might try installing shelving to the left and right of the firebox and the same height, again complying with required clearances. Personally, I think it's worth keeping the fireplace because I think it's interesting and not badly designed - unless you can't figure out how to like it. Re: someone's comment about the hearth above - you do have to have one.
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Personally, I would go with different color rock and make it less off center than it is. Have the mantle and a sitting area on both sides in marble. Use stucco as well so that you can put some great pieces of art work around the fireplace. Also, consider having the fireplace with a gas insert, rather than wood burning.
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