Need help with jacuzzi room in my bed and breakfast

Deborah IngersollNovember 24, 2013
This is one of the most expensive rooms I offer yet the one I like least, I really like all others. It just seems very drab, the jacuzzi is the focal point yet the whole rooms needs something to make it pop! The colors of the tile have dictated what colors to use, I just updated the bed to an upholstered bed but is it drab compared to my other rooms, Historic Webster House. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I think that the jacuzzi needs to be retiled. Nothing ultra modern. I don't mind that it's the focal point of the room. You are running a bed and breakfast so I think people appreciate the room's romantic layout!
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Deborah Ingersoll
Thanks I was hoping though for a less expensive fix? These are some of my other rooms that I have used faux paint to add more ambience. I was wondering about doing something with the colors of the room it is wallpapered or adding art along the sloped ceiling lines I am at a loss here.
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You have some amazing walls, so add color to them so that the jacuzzi will be more inviting. Retile the jacuzzi with a Mosaic type pattern that takes in all sorts of colors. Put candles around it and enjoy.
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John James O'Brien - Design for Inspired Living
Your project could be great fun. But, your approach is a factor of the demographic you want to attract, the budget, etc. I would aim for a lush feeling, rich colours and fabrics with careful coordination.
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Your photos tonally look bottom heavy. You have all your color on the midpoint downwards. There are no paintings (understandable) but no colour. I would paint one or more of the walls a deep red or even half the room. This would bring the drama back into it.
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Personally, I don't book rooms anymore that don't have the white sheet type bedspreads. I know they are washed between guests. Any other kinds of bedspreads give me the heebie jeebies.
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Deborah Ingersoll
Meggielh thank you for you comments as I feel the same way, we triple sheet our beds and are always changing spreads which have been custom made for the rooms. The room is pretty much a blank slate so any suggestions for colors and or other accutrements.
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Charlille BE
Do you like this idea ?

Black on the walls could be very sensual and inspiring (The Red and the Black by Stendhal, 19th century french writer).

You may be also interested to see some nice examples of black walls in this ideabook :
Ideabook: Color Guide: How to Work With Black · See Ideabook

Which one do you prefer ? Black or Red walls ?
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Deborah Ingersoll
I love the black so where do I buy the paint? You say Stendahl? And thanks for the inspiration.
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Charlille BE
Great !

It would also be my choice.

Stendhal is a french writer who lived in the 19th century and wrote one novel called The Red and The Black.

In France it is famous and the Webster's room reminds me of this atmosphere.

Anyway !

You will find a nice black at Farrow & Ball : the exact name is Pitch Black.

You can shop online on their Website as I did not see any store near your house.

I suggest you take the Modern Emulsion that is of high performance for rooms like bathrooms.

I recommand also 2 coats for a wonderful result.

Here is the Pitch Black
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Charlille BE

I have a question : is there any particular reason why the bed is facing the spa ?

Have you ever tried to put it on the left wall ?

I mean facing the room and not the wall.
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Charlille BE
I mean something like that :
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I vote for black too - but not everywhere - just in the dormer and low side walls rather than the whole space - I may be too late but I see how your dormer ceilings now contrast with the walls. You don't have a lot of natural light, so when you do this change, I want to suggest that we rework some of the other upholstery. Red and shades of rose with the black and off-white is right, but you still have to work with your other neutrals. The creamy walls I would keep for light purposes besides the dramatic end of the room and I would add these fabrics. Also, lose the modern art at the end of the tub - everything else aspires to be period so keep going with that . ..

(you may want to change this bed and bedding to another room altogether because it is lovely - and then implement some of these ideas . . Mostly we need to eliminate some of the browns . . . they fight the tile and coupled with the antique wood furniture it makes it feel dingy because of the lack of natural light.)

Upholster the headboard with this running horizontally so you can use just three yards - it evokes an antique lace feeling -
Use it as a bed skirt too again - the "lace" running longways.

Lose the brown fringed scarf at the window and transom to use this nature toile fabric instead -
hung with its top point at the top of the flat wall - made just a little larger to attach outside the frame at the edges of the flat wall - it will need to be lined in blackout for the hall and to pop against the black wall but it will relate to the white ceiling on the slanted dormer and the tile and help all seem aligned.

Then, with the red and off-white / cream on the bed, on the chairs - this lovely print will tie red and black together but bring in a touch of the wood tones, pick up the blue of the accents and give the otherwise monochromatic look some relief - - just beautiful but also will hide everything. You may need to paint the blue accent table charcoal however so the red and white don't turn this into a patriotic scene. Switch to an off-white robe on the hanger.

Finally, may I suggest you use this coordinating print to the headboard fabric for a quilt to go across the foot of the bed.
and use a pair of standard sheet weight duvet covers over a washable down comforter (trade these out everytime you change the bed) in off-white/ ivory /buff to add light to the room? These can be bleached but give the bed a little more quiet so it doesn't compete with our star harlequin bath. Have it quilted using a high end blanket of washable off-white cashmink fleece on the other side, then fold it into thirds across the bottom of the bed where people sink down first. They will pull it up at night but the bed and the room will be so much lighter and brighter. Add a silver / gray framed and buff matted sepia toned historic photo of someplace scenic near your town over the bed - your local library or historic society will have these available to copy for copy costs.
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Deborah Ingersoll
Wow thank you for the in depth analysis. I will have a 7th room available soon the downstairs living quarter of the innkeepers which is a very cool suite and hope to have your input as to which direction to go there as I plan to sell the entire lower level with the spa/sauna/bar as unit but that is another day. So If i were to use the fabric you suggest I could buy an inexpensive headboard and have it upholstered. Do you know of a source that could do that? I love the fabric you suggest and can see it with the black walls in the alcove over the tub. I love the idea of lightening the room with off white or beige duvet and interesting. I also like the idea of changing the position of the bed perhaps straddling the corner or changing it so it is not facing the tub. I inherited the 2 walls sconces so that is why the headboard is positioned there. Again thank you very much for all of the idea. Can't wait to post the 7th room and hope to get help there.
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There is probably an upholstery shop in your town that will inexpensively "build" you an upholstered headboard . .. .
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Not really understanding such a dramatic color as 'black' for a wall. How about a dark blue, sort of a mdnight blue and even adding some gold stars like you are under them. I would love to take a bath under that sort of relaxation. A spa that I go to for massages has the ceiling like clouds. Very similar to what you see in the nice Casinos/Hotels in Las Vegas, NV. Just a thought.
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Deborah Ingersoll
Thanks for that insight but I am trying to envision that with the maroon tiles? I am wondering what other color in the alcove would make for high drama?
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