Is the furniture we bought too big? How do we arrange them?

vissia73November 26, 2013
We bought these sofa, loveseat, and big chair with recliners. At first we had the sofa facing the fireplace because my husband thinks that's how it should be. But we felt like the furniture engulfed the entire living/kitchen area. And so I rearranged the furniture with the sofa by the window, loveseat facing the fireplace giving us a little space to breathe and kept the chair next to the tv. we have not accessorized yet. We are thinking of returning these furniture or find a way to arrange them properly. My husband believes that we need a space for people to pass by in between each furniture. that means getting rid of the end table. What do you suggest? Returning them entails 20% restocking fee.
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Can the sofa or love seat go right up against the window wall with your end table? That would give you more room to get around things? It is a TV room after all so you really want the comfort and do not want to lose 20 per cent of your money if you don't have to.
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That's a good idea! I read somewhere that it's good to leave a space between a furniture and the wall or window but I can try that. Thank you.
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Hello, I think your furniture is beautiful despite the fact that it is just a little much for your space. On your second photo, I noticed that you have the couch away from the window quite a bit. I would push it back some and move the end table down with it to allow some space between those two pieces and the love seat. Then your guest can move through freely as per your husband. Your coffee table is also taking up some space that could be used in other ways like reclining your chairs and walking area. To sum it up, if you and your family are comfortable in your space, that is what matters. And once again, I think it is a beautiful set.
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Your welcome vissa73. Let us know how that turns out.
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Hello there! I'm not sure if this would work since I don't know your room dimensions, but could you move the TV to the other side of the FP, then put the arm chair corner wise where the TV is now?

I would then put the sofa back where you had it first - this is the better spot for it since you generally run a sofa on the longest wall (or in your case opposite the longest wall). The loveseat could (hopefully) go at a right angle to the sofa and - crossing fingers -'there should still be room for the TV on that right side.
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Karen......back to serious mode. LOL You crazy gals had me laughing at your posts last night....finding Nemo!!! : D .........Sorry vissia73, just side tracked here a moment. There are some funny, in a good way, folks here on houzz with good ideas as well as a good sense of humor.
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I think it looks fine... I will see if my husband likes it when he comes home. Thank you again!
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Ok I will take all your suggestions into consideration. The problem with the TV is that the cable outlet is on the left side. Thanks again!
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Moving the cable connection might not cost that much. You could try moving the furniture and see if you like it before calling and finding out the charges for moving the cable outlet..
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Ok, my husband was thinking of mounting the TV above the fireplace. I think it's too close that we would be looking up and straining our necks. Thank you again.
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Yes, I think the furniture is too big for the space. This furniture will last a long, long time so I'd ask if the furniture store manager if he/she would forgive the restock fee if your purchased something else. It looks crowded and yet still not cozy. You'll never quite love the room if you keep it.
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It's amazing how much bigger that furniture gets once it's in your home, isn't it??? I think that if you are comfortable with the leather pieces, keep it. Your tables however, need to go. I would opt for a smaller round table on wheels & a smaller scale end table.

I am assuming that the reclining pieces are wall huggers??? If so, you can move the sofa little closer to the window. You will be more comfortable once painted & accessorized. You will want an area rug & draperies...that will help with acoustics also. I would choose a shade of paint that blends with the background of your artwork over your fireplace.
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I'm zeroing in on your question about room between pieces of furniture. YES! Or you will be stressed out of your mind. My family lived with big furniture in a small room, guess who got to step over the coffee table. I say return the furniture, take your time and get what works for you. Comfort is paramount here.
Also, I live with a TV over the FP , and it woks well. Sounds strange, but I think it depends on how far you are sitting from the TV and if you're short or tall. We're a tall family ( long necks) and don't get stiff necks. I know, It sounds funny, hasn't been proven scientifically, but works for us.
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Amy Cali
They do look comfy and you picked the set because you obviously liked it so why not keep either the sofa or love seat and build your room upon that. You could add a patterned accent chair(s) and ottoman. No need to match all your pieces. In fact, it looks better if you don't imo :)
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Do you find the coffee table gets in the way with the reclining pieces? Instead of the large coffee and end table you could try a set of nesting tables that take less space and could easily be moved where they are needed.
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Small tables to compensate for the large furniture will only look wimpy and out of scale with the furniture IMHO. If the furniture must stay it's fine like it is. Curtains, paint and toss pillows and you're done. You could use some lighting. Maybe a sofa table in front of the window with a lamp on the left side?
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Split the difference - return the loveseat. Too hard to arrange and too much leather.
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Thank you I feel better now. When I moved back the sofa closer to the window, it felt much better- on the picture the coffee table seems big but actually there's almost 2 feet or more for each side to move around. I think the accents/accessories will compensate for everything which is another challenge for us. Thanks again!
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Yes, it is too big and too matchy-matchy. I'd return it all and get something scaled to fit your space. Break up the visual with non-matched tables. You can actually get lounger chairs that are smaller scale. If you have to get a leather couch, don't repeat it with the chairs. You'll have better chances arranging one sofa and two chairs, a coffee table and one side table for the chairs. You just need tables arranged so everyone has a spot for their drink.
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Coates Design Architects Seattle
hmm i like the idea of keeping just the one you like most - returning the other one for something smaller
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