Family coming over for the holidays? Get your dining room ready!

Hammer ContractorsNovember 26, 2013
The dining room is the focal point of practically all American holidays. It’s the place you feast on roast turkey during Thanksgiving, baked ham at Christmas, and potato latkes at Hanukkah. Hammer Contractors ( has put together a list to help you organize and prepare your perfect #Thanksgiving, #Christmas, or #Hanukkah table setting -- from chairs to center pieces!

Choosing Your Chairs
It sounds simple – make sure you have enough chairs for everyone in attendance – but the problem is that most of us don’t think about it until dinner is being served! Figure out your chair selection and placement before the guests arrive.

Balance – if you are using extra chairs that don’t match the original set, balance the combination by putting like chairs at opposite ends of the table, or across from each other.
Borrow – if you need more chairs, don’t wait until the last minute. Call up your neighbor and borrow some or ask your family to throw in extra chairs on the car ride over.
Buy – if you need extra chairs and plan to host in the future, it’s best to invest!

Tinkering With The Table
Dining room tables designed for four people just won’t cut it when the whole family is over. You’ll most likely have to input leaves to extend the table or add a second table at the end. The challenge is that additional leaves can look awkward and secondary tables often differ from the original table in shape or height. How do you make this table extension look attractive again?...

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Paul Kelly's " How to make gravy" on u tube
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Great ideas. Thanks.
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