New home, lost memories…
hrhpriNovember 27, 2013
We are building a new home and are in the stage of planning the interior style and furnishings. We are going for a French "informally-formal" feeling - not overly formal and not overly casual, but with the spirit and sensibility of French interiors.

A while ago, many of our favorite mementos were lost to us. Among our favorite planned themes for our new house was world travel. We would like to re-create this theme within our house, but we do not have many of the things we were planning to use, and they were all very different and very random pieces to begin with. Can anyone think of a way that we can capture the spirit of world travel in our house without literally re-traveling to all the places and re-buying mementos from all over the world? Is there anyway to cohesively do this with collectibles, fabrics, etc., without looking like we just randomly bought international looking things off the Internet?… I don't know where to start. Thanks.
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So sorry to hear of your loss. It sounds like you have some great travel experiences. Since your home is a new build your project will give you a great opportunity to recreate your favorite memories. Let your architect know where you have traveled, what you enjoyed seeing, and what you would like to emphasize. Most architects have studied architectural styles from all around the world, and he or she will be able to work with your ideas. Perhaps your architect could help you define each room with architectural features from that particular locality, i.e. a French country kitchen, a Victorian parlour room. In addition to architectural features you can use paint color, fabrics, floor and window treatments, tile and flooring materials, and furniture selection to keep consistent with each theme. Various art pieces and other special items can be added as you acquire them. Good luck on building your new home.
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Go on ebay and look for replacements. Tons of stuff on there, many times from the people who live in those countries. Good luck!
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Many thanks. Having a hard time telling myself that buying things on the Internet is "legitimate" - like if I didn't really buy it there, it doesn't really represent my time there... Guess I need to get over that! The Internet has made buying anything from anywhere possible these days. You just always want to feel like your hard-earned artifacts were "special", you know?
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I'm a world traveler too, and I know exactly what you mean. You remember things like where you bought things, and who you bought it from. Of course buying on the internet doesn't replace that experience, but if you have to have some of the pieces, then I think it's your best bet (and yeah, it's legitimate too :) ).
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