Two side-by-side posts in home theater - Need elegant solution!
November 27, 2013
See pictures. First one is from hallway before inside framing was done. 2nd is a similar angle now with framing. Third one looks from inside the home theater toward the future french door. The steel posts are about 1 foot to the left of the door and half foot from that wall.

My contractor wants to wrap them up into a rectangular column that connects to the wall, and add some moulding and trims to make it look nicer. We talked about putting in the same column on the other side of the wall (the outside wall) so I have some symmetry, even though there are no steel posts there to hide. We could maybe put two scones on them so they are not bare. But the way it's looking with the framing done, have them on both sides will take up too much space.

We will have tray ceiling with rope light starting about 2 ft from each wall. Is there some kind of design that could tie everything in without sacrificing too much space or looking awkward? BTW, the french doors will swing into the hallway.

Happy turkey day to everyone!
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Well as technology design counting firm we often do custom home theaters. The columns are unfortunate as they will cut down on your veiwing angle, but some form architectural column on each side would look nice and hide structural column. Not sure who is helping you with theater designs but at this phase you need to think of how your going to acoustically treat the room, layout, projector throw distance, seating and other things helping room performance. We often do rendering for our clients so we can work through design process and deliver a streamlined approach. Reach out to us if you have any inquiries as to acoustic options, layout or design questions.
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