Can someone ID this granite?

lauralenaNovember 27, 2013
Saw this at my granite yard. The name on its label was Chakra. I Googled and all I found was Chakra quartzite, which looks very different. I know the same granite can have several names. Does anyone know what a more popular name for this might be?

I took this photo outside on a sunny day, so there's a shadow. The true color is the lighter portion of the slab. I'd like this info so I can Google to learn more about this granite. (Asked granite yard employee; he couldn't tell me anything beyond the name on the label.)

Thank you!
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JudyG Designs
I think that the product is quartz and not granite.
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Thank you, I will definitely investigate. Of all the granites I've been looking at, it most resembles Andromeda White.
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Precision Granite & Marble
Andromeda i know has more of a creamy color and almost a hint of sage green with purple dots. Try looking for a bianco romano or a white roman granite. If your looking for a lighter color there is so many really nice ones to choose from. Ivory fantasy, kashmire white, river white/ valley white....possabiIties are endless.
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Thank you! I was told the stone in the photo above is definitely granite. I am planning on purchasing it. I'm just trying to ascertain its common name to make it easier when communicating the color to various vendors/companies when I purchase other products. (Of course, I realize that slabs can vary greatly within the same name.) Again, thanks!
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TMK Remodeling
I don't know the color but I suggest you have some small remnants cut to share with your suppliers rather than trying to use words to describe it.
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