Help with Small Master Bathroom Layout!
Jessica Davis
November 27, 2013 in Design Dilemma
My husband and I currently live in a small house that his grandfather built. We are gutting it to update wiring, plumbing, insulation, etc. and adding on to create our forever home. Resell is not a factor. I am trying to figure out the best way to layout the master bathroom.

I would like a large soaking tub in the master bathroom as I like to soak. We don't care if it is a tub/shower combo or separate. If they are separate, we do not want a small square shower but instead a rectangular standard shower.

We are open to one or two sinks. Counter space would be nice. As you can see, I have played with a lot of different sized fixtures. The door can be moved to any location on the wall.

I found a 72" 3 wall tub enclosure that I wondered if it could be used on 72" skirted tub to allow room for a double vanity or makeup vanity?

The bedroom to the left is the fourth and smallest bedroom that is going to be used as an office unless we have a third kid. I would like to keep it.

This is a large addition/remodel we are doing so we are on a budget. We are okay with surrounds. Tile can always be added down the road.

The original house is the rectangle on the right. We are adding the rectangle open floor plan in the middle and the garage.

Thanks in advance for your help and ideas. Sorry for the long post!
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Because resale is not a factor, and because you plan adding on later, I want to suggest that right now you have made everything too small. A master bedroom with a queen or king size bed wants room for chairs and you don't really have that unless you go wider on the bed wall or deeper too. The bath and closets similarly are too small for modern times if you are going to all the trouble to gut and rebuild your forever home. If you are considering the fourth bedroom as an office, let me suggest that you take it and incorporate it into a master suite - someone else can convert it back and restore the closet. 12' 7" x 10 is big enough for a secondary bedroom / office. Steal 1' 3" from that. Move the closet so you don't go through the bathroom to get to it but go through the closet to get to the bath - a dressing area adjacent to the bath is great but the placement of the closet trough the master bath is now ruining your potential there. If you had 9' 7" you could line things up on both sides of the room and still have 3' 8" in between which is probably minimum. Then you could place the vanity at the far end and walk in between a bath and a shower - you also need toconsider windows - a window in the toilet room is critical for many, while others like a window over a soaking tub. Placing your entry door, other closet and the door into this nearer to the entry to your room is much more practical and will allow your bedroom to be more functional as all the circulation corridors are at one end. So . . . . grab some more space, consider pairing your shower next to the toilet so you create a little "room" even if you don't put a door on the toilet you can make it private. toilets need minimum 30" / 36" desired wide x 60" /66" l per code. The longer you can make your vanity - even across the entire end of 9' 7" with dbl sinks and tuck the toilet behind the door from the dressing room / walk thru closet . . . now you are cooking with gas. . . . don't skimp here. The kitchen and the master bath are the two major simple delights built into your day . . .
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Jessica Davis
Hey! Thanks for your response. I am trying to visualize what you are saying, what would be on the front wall, all the way at the bottom. I am having a hard time visualizing what you are saying.
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Can you shift the bath into the next bedroom, leaving only 7'6" - 8' or so there for an office, and look into a walk through / walk in / closet dressing room - takes min 8' wide - 4' closet won't do a lot w one door. Search some house plans of high end houses - make more of a Master suite. You can place crate + barrel armchairs that fold out into twin beds in the office to make a guest space. I can't see where your windows are - save them for the office, over the bathtub or toilet - think about sheltering if not enclosing the toilet with a pocket door / good for corners. New walls are better for new plumbing service to sinks / shower/ tub/ vents to roof.
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I completely disagree with the above post about the size. I have an ensuite bathroom which is 1.8m square (5 ft 9). It has only a shower not a bath (plus toilet and vanity) but is perfectly adequate. We have a bath in the main family bathroom and when I feel like a bath, I use that one.

Whilst the bedroom is not huge, to me there is no need for chairs and extra furniture in a bedroom unless there is a view of some sort. All they do is form a place for the messy ones of us (my husband) to dump things on and never get sat on anyway.

If you really are keen on having a bath in the ensuite then perhaps you might be better off considering built in cupboards instead of a walk in off the bathroom. In the end good storage is more important than an ability to walk in to a closet.

See attached drawing, can you reconfigure cupboards and then add some built ins against one of the bedroom walls? This would give you the space you need for a bath as well as separate shower.

Just an idea.

Good luck!
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I drew something with the given measurements of 8'-4" x 7'-3".

However, I am not sure what are the correct measurements. The floor plans given at the beginning don't look to scale. The 7'-3" measurement looks longer than the 8'-4". If I add the 4' of the closet to the 7'-3" of the bathroom, it is equal to 11'-3" but the dimension of the master bedroom is 12'-7" x 13'-7".
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