Need help with window design for family room area.
December 2, 2013
We are working with a design-build firm. The overall design is french country. The design is nearly complete, though we are stuck on one key point. The family room has a wall of windows, which provides a dramatic view of the rear wooded lot when entering the front door. We are having a difficult time settling on a design for this wall, as well as the ceiling in the room. The roof line is independent, though we want it to be in line with the main roof line.

I am not a fan of the peaked ceiling, which the roof line would seem to dictate. We have also ruled out barrel vault. We would like a flatter ceiling line, though this would tend to limit the ceiling height if we stick with the A frame roof.

Please see the included pics. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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Another option is to do a hipped roof over the family room.
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Not a big fan of peaked ceilings either. You could raise the plate height up in the family room a few feet and stick with a flat ceiling. Ceiling breaks are ideal for defining the spaces below. The break would occur under the second floor exterior wall and it looks like you'd have to "fill in" a few square feet of the lower right family room so the break lines up with the wall.

There's that little window on the second floor just to the right of the family room roof in the middle photo that would be impacted and don't know what's there.
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Architectrunnergy- Not sure what you mean by "raise the plate height". Any pics or drawings to visualize? Thanks!
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Let's hope the drawing all fits in the box. If you have let's say a 9' ceiling height, we say the plate height is 9'. So for just the family room portion we raise it up an additional 18" or 24" to get a ceiling break which defines the spaces below.

You want of course to have the break occur AT a space seperation and not in the middle of a room but it look like you're ok here. And you're going to want to get transoms over the windows so you don't have 4' above the windows. It'll make the view more dramatic anyway.

Edit: Good. It worked! I hope you understand.
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I see. Please consider that there is no second floor above the family room. So we are free to do whatever we want with the roof line to achieve the desired ceiling look. I just don't want to depart too far from the overall house design.
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Well ok. Sorry but it was just a quick free idea given without knowing subjective desires.
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Thoughts are much appreciated!
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