Need opinions on marble slab depths please?
December 3, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Please give me your opinion on 3cm vs. 2cm for a bathroom counter top? I purchased a 3 cm slab remnant from a company. As it turns out, they promised a portion of the slab to another person so I don't have "access" to the whole slab like I originally thought. They are now trying to talk me into a 2cm slab for the same price as the 3cm. Firstly, I need to know what people think of the integrity of a 2cm vs. a 3 cm. Secondly, shouldn't a 2cm slab be less expensive than a 3cm? They are offering to me the 2cm at the exact same price of the 3cm. Please let me know if anyone has any thoughts on this screwed up situation. Thanks.
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I'd look for another 3 cm remnant - possibly at a different granite yard.
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Yes, I agree. The problem is they want to keep $250 of my deposit for the fabricator coming out to measure. I will probably end of walking away from the $250 and look for another 3 c. like you suggested. Thanks!
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Your original instincts are correct. They broke the contract and you should not be liable. Review them on Houzz, but tell them first.
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Gem Marble and Granite Corp
What is the material name? We deal with various suppliers who carry the same material but the actual quarry companies they purchase from may vary and this may be the difference in cost whether it is simply a premium block or an unjustified price gauge. I am very curious as to what material this is.
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I agree that they broke the contract, but I feel like they are backing me into a corner...either to walk from the $250 or if not, then to take the 2 cm for the same price as my original remnant slab. I will most definately write a review!

The material is white carrera marble. Please tell me your thoughts on price gauge. Is this typical practice with Marble Fabricators that they will sell one piece to two different people? Again, I thought I was buying the whole slab remnant regardless of what I initially wanted to use. Yes, I changed my mind by adding a back splash and added an apron edge detail vs. the standard edge detail. They said I don't have enough material because the rest of the slab was promised to someone else. I am so mad right now! Thanks for any insight you can give!
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Cancork Floor Inc.
I think the 2cm vs 3cm price difference is the 2cm is NOT a remnant whereas the 3cm is exactly that. If you had not changed your measurements, would the remaining amount (left over from the other person's order) be enough? If so, then I'm sorry to say that the contract is probably not broken. If there is not enough material for your ORIGINAL order, then the contract is broken and they haven't a leg to stand on.

It appears this is a matter of misunderstanding/lack of communication. You thought you were getting the WHOLE REMNANT whereas the dealer thought you were only ordering enough for your first set of measurements and believed s/he was free to sell off the rest. Bad communication causes so much heart ache.

I can see both sides - but that doesn't make it any easier for yourself or the dealer.
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I'm not sure if the 2cm is a remnant or if it a "full slab order." So, what you are saying if it is a remnant then most likely there should be a price difference? Also, the 2cm is a honed slab but they said they would polish it at no cost. Would polishing a honed 2cm piece contribute to the integrity issue?
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Why not cancel the marble backsplash and apron? You could get another complementary material for backsplash. Do you know the extra care you must take of marble bench tops?
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no please tell me about the extra care for marble bench tops. thanks!
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Interesting that they say the $250 is for the fabricator to come out and measure. Three different fabricators I've spoken with say they come out and do a preliminary measurement, at no cost, and then bid on the project. If you don't go with them, that's fine-- no cost to the homeowner. But if they came out and did an actual template, which I assume they did, then I can see they want to be paid for that. I don't know if $250 is reasonable or not, but I would ask that if that payment is for the fabricator, can you then have access to the measurements/template, since you paid for it, and it's unique to your space? That might save you money elsewhere?
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if the 2cm is not a remnant, but the 3cm was, then that's why the price is the same.
3cm is normally more $$$ because it's thicker, so it costs more to fabricate, more to transport, etc.

and they broke the contract, so they need to refund the measure deposit and eat that cost.

where i work, the measure is included in the fabrication costs as a percentage of the job, because we subcontract our measures and installs. we don't make people buy whole slabs, but we also don't have a bone yard, so there is that.

extra care for marble includes making sure that acidic things don't sit on it, because marble etches. keeping it sealed, being careful about things that can scratch. marble will scortch, so you need to be careful with flat irons and curlers.

i've not noticed 2cm being markedly less stable than 3cm.
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