Need help with attic renovation. I was thinking about beadboard.
December 4, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I have a 1924 craftsman with stained beadboard orginal to the house in the porch and wanted to repeat the beadboard planks in the attic renovation. The drywall in the existing walls are 3/8 inch drywall. I wanted the sloped ceiling and the flat ceiling to have beadboard and trim at the transition from the walls to the sloped ceiling. May be crown molding or chair rail. I was thinking about the beadboard to be natural, unpainted. And the molding to go around the end walls witn the peak and the windows to have the molding to continue all round the room. So I could paint the lower walls one color and the end walls upper another color. What do you suggest?
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i think it sounds like you have a plan already.
and i like it.
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Crown molding is VERY hard to make look 'correct' with a sloped ceiling. I don't think you would have seen that on an original craftsman either. They might have used a small flat piece of molding or even a 1x4 at the transition between wall and ceiling or where the material changes from plaster to bead board. You might also see a dropped picture molding running around the perimeter of the room (dropped a foot or so down from the ceiling) used to make a color change. Typically when that treatment was used the color on the wall above the molding was the same color that was used on the ceiling. A band of trim that lines up with the top of the windows is a typical treatment and could be a great place to make the transition.
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I think you will lose some of the terrific qualities of peaked walls if you place trim across at the hinge point of the sidewalls. You can order beadboard for ceilings at long lengths and get that right without trim. 1 x 4 yes, at transition between wall and ceiling - no crown . . if your side walls are 8' then putting a picture molding at 6' just below tops of all doors is the craftsman way, but then your peaked walls are cut in half instead of you getting the benefit of the height there . .. depends on the proportion of your end peaked wall - 6' trim on 8' wall looks great. . . 8' trim on 12' wall works . .. but any trim that cuts off the peak I think you will regret. If you cover everything with planks or beadboard, paint it all one color - that is some of the fun of an attic enclosure feeling . . . . i'd pull a beautiful antique off-white like sw wool skein and do the whole space . . . you'll get the sense of history but it will be clean, bright and modern in its undertone.
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I agree that it would be better NOT to run trim across the peaked walls and change the color! Keep it simple...
December 4, 2013 at 11:28am     
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