Need help designing pool!
emileesmithDecember 4, 2013
Are kidney shaped old fashioned? We are having a pool put in and think the kidney shape fits the yard best but our realtor said they are outdated. This is in California if that makes any difference. We're moving from Texas and have a neighbor with a kidney shaped pool and never thought twice about it. Thoughts?
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Personally I think it is more about how you finish it. If kidney shape works best for the yard and is nicely done; a well-done solution always sells.

Do you have the budget for nice tile, coping and/or finish? What about surrounding area? Landscaping? All these factor in as much if not more than the shape of the pool, in my opinion.
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I agree with catieb. How you finish it is the key. Kidney shape can be very nice. BTW. When we remodeled I wish I had installed the handrails at the steps. Now, when the "old" folks come (and I'm getting older) I wish there was something to hold on to! It needs to be installed when the concrete is poured to be to code. So, now I can't add it - at least not to code.
Terraced Patios & Gardens, Chestnut Hill
Backyard Pool
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Darzy defense of your realtor, I do agree that a simple, rectangular, Grecian even style will NOT look dated no matter.
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Try this test. Search Houzz photo's "kidney shape pool" Then, search Grecian style and you may see that the non-kidney shapes look better. :)
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Kidney shaped will be great. Like the others said, it's also about the finish & landscaping. For what it's worth, I like the pools with a gradual, walk in, you know as if you were at the beach? Instead of stepping down into the water.
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VizX Design Studios, LLC
We specialize in swimming pool and outdoor living design. If you need any help let us know. Depending on the type of pool you can have any shape you want. A lot of times I see clients get stuck on kidney or rectangle shapes. We try to make the pool fit in the space like it belongs. We also strive to complement your type of use.
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CDR Design
I think you have to consider the style of the house and the piece of land on which it is situated and the purpose.

A modern home is more conducive to a rectangular or L-shaped pool
More traditional, maybe kidney-shaped.

Also, what is the purpose? A rectangular pool is easier for laps. Look at the "pool" posted above. Kidney-shaped and a waterfall at one end. Forget laps.

Also, consider about the cover. Are you installing a retractable cover? Will it cost more if your shape is custom? What about the deck? This can be a very expensive part of the design that many don't consider. How will the shape of the pool effect the cost of the deck?
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I think it depends on the style of your home. If you have a large two story modern with huge glass windows and walls a rectangular would fit best. If you have a more tradition home than a kidney bean would fit. If its done well and executed to its full potential it's unlikely that your future prospects are going to deem it out dated.
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