Entries & Windows in new snow country home
December 5, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We are finalizing plans on our 2000 sq. ft. retirement home in rural Idaho which receives heavy snow.
We want to choose windows that capture a lot of sunlight in winter, provide terrific airflow in the summer and capture our 4-way views - we like the idea of single hung windows but see nearly ALL have some grids in them. I don't want to clutter our view. Perhaps single-hung is not our best choice?

Mud & guest entry: Most in our area never use the formal entry but family and guests enter thru garage or "family" entry due to the mud, snow, and informal nature of the community. We are considering our "friends and family" entry in the garage via a hall to separate from the actual garage but want it welcoming & a mudroom. Is this a terrible idea? Mudrooms stole stole a lot of the view walls besides house sq. ft.

Kitchen Cabinets: Which is timeless and welcoming white, wood, or off white?
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Wha is the wall height? Could you use an awning window on the bottom 1/4 with the upper 3/4 fixed. Triple pane would give great r-value. In the summer you could crank open the lower window for ventilation. You need to know the egress requirements in your area in order to know if this might work.
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Good input on windows. Our walls will vary a bit between 8' in LR (to accommodate 2nd floor above) and 9 foot vaulted elsewhere. I am a fresh air nut so the awning windows did not seem like the best choice although they would help during our rainy season. I will review them again. Egress is a factor as our rural fire dept is a distance from us. I would attach a elevation drawing but having computer issues.
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Just curious, where in Idaho are you retiring? Hubby and I also retired here but health issues (mine) forced us closer to major hospitals, so we lived in the Boise area, but spend the majority of winter in Sun Valley. Let's not tell anyone how beautiful Idaho is, ok? Congratulations on your new home and retirement. I would respond to your inquiry but I know nothing about windows. They came with my house ;)
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Macgrill, yes Hospitals are an hour away for us & that is a concern. I am sorry about you having to give up your home. Boise and Sun Valley are pretty great too. We aren't near them. Our neighbors are close.

I really was hoping for some more input on my questions regarding entry too. Hopefully that will happen. We have to submit our final changes on drawings this week. Would attach a drawing but site won't let me.
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We are currently building a custom home. We got mostly single hung windows that have no grids.... keep looking. As for the cabinets, I think it's a matter of personal preference. I prefer stained wood cabinets but many think white is timeless. Maybe you could add a back door that is separate from the garage
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