Victorian vaulted ceiling molding
December 6, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We have a 1906 Victorian style home. My wife suggested that I add a vaulted ceiling in the living room. The ceiling height is 8' 8". The vault is and additional 9 1/4" higher. We are looking to add period molding to the vault. Our original plan was to completely fill in the 9.25" of vault with various moldings. The bottom edge was not finished with corner bead as this will, in my opinion, change the angle of the surfaces due to the build up of joint compound. Therefore, we originally planned to cap the edge with additional molding on the bottom side of the vault. Then someone suggested that this concept would make the room "Heavy" and pull the ceiling down defeating the purpose of the vault? As shown in the attached photos we have Red Oak crown around the perimeter of the room. We are also unsure about adding a medallion at the ceiling fan. The original molding details on the staircase incorporated small egg and dart moldings. Should this detail also be introduced to the vault? We would like to go with a light weight molding so that the ceiling isn't heavy. What would you suggest doing? We would appreciate all suggestions!
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All the new moldings can be painted white so they don't weigh anything down - echoing the egg and dart in some elements is exactly the right idea . a ceiling medallion is also a fine idea but I would recommend when you finish that you go to a fan with a larger drop rod and perhaps a more antique style - one of the band driven kind?
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I do like the fan! Do you have any pics that you can show me on the moldings? We just can't figure what to put together for the height and will look good. What medallion you would go with?
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To emphasize the height, you could just echo the current crown at the top of the vault. Don't think you need a medallion, as you're not shooting for pure Victorian.
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Sustainable Dwellings
I don't like that fan. If you must have a fan, look into a period fancy fan for that ceiling. Love the old house!
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Ditto (:
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We live in Pennsylvania and expansion and contraction of real wood. We want the molding on this ceiling to stay constant and minimize opening of the miter joints. The weight we were talking about wasn't due to painting heaviness but the visual heaviness of real wood. Our goal is to not go modern Victorian nor antique Victorian. I think we are more traditional Victorian. The original house did not have the half turret, full turret or gazebo. Those were additions of my own. We do need a fan in there because of movement of air to keep the house cool.
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We are also looking for ideas on finishing off the outside of the half turret. I would like to continue the wide white board across the top, space around circle top with some triangular piece, and then form two panels below the circle tops to simulate double hung windows. But it needs something else and not sure how to go about it. I also wanted to go with pillar simulation on the corners of that turret. Any ideas? Pictures are a definite help.
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Would also like ideas on gingerbread for the gazebo. We are hoping to do something with the posts on the deck and not sure what to go with since the deck sits 10' off the ground. It would have to be solid. We like the look of the original balusters but feel we need something on the posts. Back to the half turret, I was also considering corbels on this section.
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I really don't like that fan. I think it keeps the room from looking finished. If you need the air circulation, there are some nice victorian looking fans out there.
Have you considered painting a design in the inset or putting tin tiles in it, even just white tiles? You wouldn't have to wory about wood swelling and shrinking and you'd get visual interest without looking too heavy.
I think the gazebo definitely needs some decoration; maybe a white arched design like the picture below. I also think the addition of corbels would add interest and bring everything together.
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My Houzz: Colorful eclectic style in a traditional New Orleans home
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Jill J. Wallace, Color Redesign

The vault could use some detail to add interest. A tin ceiling the same color as the ceiling and a white or off white fan could help it feel up lifting and open.
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What about just using a different colour paint on the insides and top of the vault? It seems to me that, even though I love tin tiles, they would just look odd in the vaulted area. Perhaps the tin should be on the rest of the ceiling in a colour that matches whatever fan you put (I like the Casa...not the current one) and then paint the vault in a tone of that, maybe one shade lighter or darker.
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Bird of Wood Art Studio
The fan is now the "item" been highlighted by the vaulting. I would make the fan disappear add a nice period hanging, and could also incorporate a shelve edge to create a space within the inner vault to add LED cable illumination, indirect illumination to complement with Victorian floor lamps. The tin ceiling suggestion by Jill looks great.
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Melanee Johnson
Why not consider painted finishes and illusions...check out Chase Lundgren Fine Arts....he can do anything with your ceiling you want! His work is absolutely amazing!
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So I haven't seen any examples of moldings. Does anyone have any ideas?
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You need to visit a historic victorian to see what an accurate look inside really is - I went to google images and typed in victorian ceiling
I can see a chair-rail egg and dart around the face of the lower corner - a crown on the upper inner w/ more egg and dart, a medallion or a stencil - royal design stencils has ceiling stencils for your exterior - look at

I like the images that use the cut in corner - you might stencil a cut in corner at your four corners - the fan i pulled may not be right but you definitely want to stay away from early american fans - others use wallpaper instead of tin - anaglypta that you can paint for texture
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John Geither
I saw a show on Victorian wallpaper once my guess is the area had an intricate wallpaper inlay at one time. I don't think the wood molding should be there. True Victorian would be tin crown molding.
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