I need to cover working radiators. Each one is a different size.
December 6, 2013 in Other
want to keep them as efficient as I can.
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You have a number of options: stone tops, grilled cabs, console tables, custom bookcases/shelving units. Check in ideabooks for more ideas.
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Curt D'Onofrio
I don't recommend covering radiators ever, but if i absolutely had to cover them then the covering shall have louvers and a fan built in it so the heat does not build up to a hazardous level...go with a metal covering, NOT wood or plastic.

I'm thinking that no matter the material/style of the radiator covering that you choose it will reduce the radiators' efficiently. Putting a built-in fan may help because any covering impedes the radiator from radiating the heat
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Wood works fine, in reality, and efficiency is not really effected by covering, as long as there is space of a few inches for circulation, and venting built into the piece. I prefer the handwheels on the exterior for maintenance, but there isn't a particular need to improve function beyond that. The practice of encasing radiators is an old one, and is perfectly safe when done with common sense in mind. Though not an option I have personally tried, they are sometimes even recessed into walls to save space.
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Curt D'Onofrio
Just remembering Ray Bradbury's book "Fahrenheit 451" , the temperature at which paper/wood starts to burn. If a radiator never produces this much heat then a wood enclosure will be fine. Thanks to studio10001 for reminding me
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actually covering a radiator can increase its efficiency because the major source of heat transfer is actually convection not radiation. So if you can increase air flow you can increase the rate it loses heat into the room. you need to think about how to channel air flow like a chimney. create a draft by having air flow in from the bottom and a place for warm air to escape
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Curt D'Onofrio
Will putting reflective insulation up against wall and behind the radiator help in radiating the heat towards middle of room ?
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