Need suggestions on what kind of hood to use in this kitchen
December 6, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Below is a picture of my current kitchen. It has a 30" jennAir gas cook top with a built in down draft, which now needs to be replaced. I have been unhappy with the down draft. So I'm now considering replacing it with (a) a popup down draft (b) overhead hood.
With option (b) some of the challenges are, there is second floor above the kitchen. So we can't vent it out directly. Behind the kitchen there is a bathroom, thru which I will need to run the duct before it is vented out. Is this doable. If yes, how much work is involved here? What kind of overhead hoods should I look at. Will it pull away from the current kitchen design?
What would u go with? All design ideas are welcome.
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My personal suggestion would be if you want to really have it vented properly, find someone reputable in your area to consult with who can actually look at your kitchen and the venting options and suggest solutions. Venting properly can actually be really fiddly.

As far as aesthetics, you don't include much of the rest of your kitchen, but if you want to go with an overhead hood and not overwhelm the existing look of the kitchen too much, maybe look at some of the ones where most of the hood is glass? I'm sure they're more work to keep clean but visually it shouldn't be anything like as much of an addition as a regular hood.

That said - what do you not like about the current downdraft? It used to be that people didn't really recommend them for serious cooking but apparently in recent years they've improved the design and they work a lot better. So someone who can look at what your current set up actually is may be able to tweak things to improve it without requiring a lot of major work like installing an overhead would be.
December 6, 2013 at 9:53pm   
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Thanks for your input pirateFoxy. I've had professionals look at it, I'm not happy with the answer I got. They said doing anything on the over head will take away from the look of the kitchen. The gap between the cooktop and the top of the cabinet is about 39", if we did a vent that is sleek about 6" tall, they feel the gap of 33" is still too much. Is that true? I agree anything taller than that may be ugly. The other option was the retractable vents.
my current setup is 7 years old. When I use the vent, it sucks the flame in, and the food does not cook. Do you think technology has improved on this front? Will it be better than a popup suction? My second option is to go with the Theodore, 30" popup draft.
Please share your thoughts And brand suggestions if any.
December 6, 2013 at 11:23pm   
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@umpa - Unfortunately I don't know a lot about exact brands as I haven't had to research any of that recently. (Not in a position just yet to redo my kitchen, and things can change so much from year to year with models and so on that I just stay on top of how things are improving generally based on chatter on cooking forums and the like, and figure I'll look up specific models later.)

If your current vent is actually sucking the flame in, then that's definitely a problem with the set up. (I seem to recall that being a common complaint with downdraft in the past.) That's not the part that it's supposed to be venting. :)

I'm not sure what you mean about the heights of the vent relative to the cabinets - it sounds like they're saying that an overhead model would be too high? I can see how that would be true of one that actually mounts to the bottom of the cabinet, but if you get the type that's more commonly used as a standalone (see attached photo for a random example) then I believe they should be able to customize the length of the chimney piece to allow the hood to be properly positioned over the cooktop? You may just need to do something clever with trim or something to make it look like it fits in and wasn't installed after the fact.

There are some kitchen designer folks on this site, so hopefully some of them will contribute some up to date information about the options and reputation of different types and brands currently.
December 7, 2013 at 3:15am   
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