Mirror/lighting for tiny bathroom (5 1/2' x 2')
December 10, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I'm redoing this bathroom with white wavy subway tile about 48" high with a chair rail. Tiny sink (15") shown in photo will be replaced with a 16 1/2"–wide pedestal sink. IMMEDIATELY to the left of sink (not pictured) is shower stall (will be tiled entirely).

The reason I didn't go with a wider pedestal or a vanity is because the edge of the toilet seat (not shown, as it's below the range of the photo) is immediately to the right of the sink, facing toward it, only a few inches away. Legroom is tight.

Two questions:

1. I want to get an ornate mirror. Should it be 16 1/2" to 18" wide, centered over the pedestal sink? If yes, should it be, say, 24" high or 36" high? Chair rail will be 48" high. Ceiling is 8 feet high. OR should I get a mirror big enough to fill the entire space (from shower stall to wall indentation on the right)? I would really like an ornate frame; not sure how that would look.
2. Can anyone suggest lighting for the pedestal sink (16 1/2" wide) I'll be getting? There is no room for side sconces, and I'd rather not have the look/cost of light fixtures built into the glass of whatever mirror I get. If I go with the smaller (16 1/2" to 18" wide) ornate mirror, maybe a small pendant light from the ceiling directly in front of the mirror (less than two feet from the ceiling) might work? I will have a high hat in the ceiling. Shower stall will have one, too.

Thank you!
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Michelle Peavy
If you get a bigger mirror, make it wider to sit closer to edge of tile. I would do a lighting fixture with at least four light that possibly have a hanging light look.
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Thanks for the quick reply! Do you mean hanging down from the ceiling, or from out of the wall? Do you have an example?
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Inspired Interiors

I would go with a bigger mirror, fill the space between the shower stall to wall indentation on the right. If you want an ornate frame around your mirror I would suggest going to a local picture frame store. Explain what you will be using it for, have your square footage, and have your contractor install the frame around the mirror (please see first image as an example).

For lighting I suggest going with a single bar wall sconce, below I have provided an example from a previous project in which we used a similar wall sconce. If you go with a small pendant, I suggest it be very simple and not to heavy (Please see third image).

I hope this advice helps, good luck with your project!

Tranquil Spa Escape
Menlo Park 1
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WOW! Thank you! Yes, based on your advice and Michelle's, I will fill the space. If I go with the pendant light, should I take the framed mirror all the way to the ceiling? OR should I leave some space on the tops and sides?

Also, any idea where I can get that light pendant?

Thanks again!
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