Need pendant lighting placement/number advice for kitchen reno
natandalexDecember 15, 2013
Gut kitchen renovation. Will have high hats in ceiling but thought it might be interesting instead to put pendant or pendants in front of the kitchen window/over sink. New window just installed...the glass is about 60+ inches wide and it will be centered over a counter that is 90+ inches wide. No upper cabinets flanking the windows...not enough room. There is no island in the room, but on the wall opposite the window/sink will be a peninsula separating the kitchen and dining room. No pendants over the peninsula...don't want to break up the view between rooms. I have been told to use one or three pendants....odd numbers. If we use one and center it right over the sink, then we likely need a high hat on each side, which may look odd/busy. If we use three then the outer two will either have window molding or wall behind them...they wont be hanging in front of a window...and that may also look weird. I haven't seen a set up like mine on houzz...there is either a single window with one pendant or multiple windows with a pendant centered in each. I did see an instance where someone went WILD and used two pendants in front of two windows (bucked the odd # advice). What do you pendant with high hats, two small ones centered on windows or three with atypical backdrops?
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houzzers pls help...thanks
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I'm not a fan of pendants over a kitchen sink ... prefer recessed ceiling lights.

If you are adamant about getting pendant lights, I would go with 2, or 1 large light. 3 would be too many IMO.
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If you'll search the box above under Photos for pendant over sink, you'll see lots of variations to help you decide.
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Thanks.. I have searched a lot of photos on houzz and our two window set up with small amounts of wall and counter space on each side seems atypical for a pendant scheme. Maybe that should answer my question about doing it at all.
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Rocky Mountain Color & Design
Traditionally these would be kitchen island lights, but I believe this configuration would work great for your situation. They come in all different styles and finishes.
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Fred S
As usual, the picture is too tight and does not show the ceiling height or overall feel of the room. Without that it is hard to give real input. I believe your ceiling is too low for the fixtures Rocky posted and would then be claustrophobic, contradicting the use of a large window in front of the sink. I hang thousands of pendants and two is much more common than either one or three. You did not put in three windows. Your sink does not have three bowls. Your cabinets don't have three doors on each box. Without a clear picture of this whole space, I would say that a pendant on each side of the window and a recessed can in the middle is probably best. The shades will need to be metal, making them a down light, or the light would be irritating to work around, so this would block the windows if you put them right in front. You really need to explain the design style you are going for as well.
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Attached is a "better" picture of the area in question. Counter will run from the newly framed wall on the left over to the stair on the right. Ceilings are standard height for a 1920s colonial. What you see on the outside is what we are trying to recreate/maintain on the inside. Kitchen picture attached represents the look and finishes we are using (except for the pendants...although those would likely work in terms of style). Appreciate the help.
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Fred S
Thank you. I assume "standard height" means 8'? Because inches make a big difference at this height. Some of Rocky's lights may work if the ceiling is a full 8' and you are around 5'-4". The first one could probably be adjusted much higher and may look quite nice. I am still thinking about functionality, but will have to get back to this after dinner :)
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Rocky Mountain Color & Design
The first light I pictured is 12.5" tall. don't think you could get a pendant light any shorter. Is 40" wide. From Feiss lighting It does help to see the style of your home. Gotta run right now, but will look for more suggestions for you soon.
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Kathryn Peltier Design
First of all, I love your house!

I would hang a single pendant in the middle, but make it a large, simple one, not a mini-pendant. Either a school-type fixture or a glass fixture would look nice, appropriate and fit visually. Then I think it might be interesting to install wall-mount library style fixtures on either side of the windows in a metal finish (just make sure the metal finish on fixtures match).

Not this one necessarily, but just to illustrate what I mean by glass pendant -

Schoolhouse Pendant 69022-69032 by ELK Lighting
Craftsman kitchen

Boston Functional Library Wall Light
These are obviously mounted OVER the cabinets but the concept is similar - I would just mount them centered vertically on the window.
Concord Green Home
Southern Living Idea House

If you prefer the idea of one fixture, I like the idea of the "expandable" style of light fixture, something like this (although I think the shades on this one are too large and too bulky for your application)
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Kathryn Peltier Design
If you prefer the idea of a single fixture, something like this gives more the appearance of two fixtures vs. one larger island-style light.
Marcelo Brito & Pedro Potaris - Sao Paulo - Brazil
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Fred S
To go back to the three light pendant for a moment,
They also have single pendants to match and you may look at adding one on each side centered on the left wall and equal distance on the right. These can be put at several heights, but I would suggest either 14" or 20" down from the ceiling. They will be slightly glaring, but not too bad and light the whole room better than recessed. But for this reason, I still like recessed down lights on either side slightly better.
Wall lights on the sides of the window could be an interesting and unique way to go. I like it with the right light. A center light, also, may get a little too busy, so I would think about two recessed lights over the sink.
Are you thinking about any open shelving on either side of the window? Or anything that may get in the way of this line of thinking? I do like the lights in your inspiration photo if there was one on each side of the window and supplemented with some recessed cans. But, this too could get in the way of other decorating, especially if hung too low.
I know this sounds about as clear as mud, but I am still fishing for more of your personal preferences :)
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Electric and water don't mix.
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Kathryn Peltier Design
I always prefer a pendant fixture over any work area because it gives you better task lighting which also doubles as accent lighting to a certain degree. It is generally more appealing light. Can lighting is good for general lighting, but it produces a kind of washed-out look overall, if it has a wide beam spread (the light can be more focused, too, but that is not what you would want here for all the lighting). Recessed cans would work on either side of the sink. If you want to go this route, and your pendant will provide good task lighting, you might even want to go with more of an adjustable spotlight so that you can direct it where you want it (plus it would come off as more of an accent light, too) Layering lighting is the key to creating interest in a functional manner in the kitchen!
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Classical Home Design, Inc. by Susan Berry
You can hang 2 pendants over the sink. center each in each of the windows. Keep them small. No larger than a 6" diameter. See it there is a similar multi light chandelier or island light with bulbs that shine up. If you sit at the island, the down lights on a pendant can sometimes hit your eye wrong. Do not put the same pendants at the sink and the island. I don't know how to add the photo. Island. with singles at the sink.
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